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Monday Morning Bills News and Notes

We're just three short (or, more realistically, excruciatingly long) days away from the start of 2007 Bills Training Camp. It's almost football season! To tide you over until the big event starts, Rumblings will be chock-full of Bills news and analysis this week. We get started this morning with some news to note...

Just as Bills Fan in PA mentioned in this diary yesterday, the Bills have brought WR Jonathan Smith on board. The current former ex-Bill (99% sure that makes sense) was most recently with the Patriots. There is little chance that he makes the roster, but he does give the team a competitive body for training camp and perhaps a little dirt on our division rivals.

KFFL is reporting that the Bills have signed seventh-round draft pick TE Derek Schouman to his rookie contract. According to that report, the H-Back in training received a four-year deal; his signing leaves four draft picks (Marshawn Lynch, Paul Posluszny, Dwayne Wright and John Wendling) as the team's unsigned rookies. Trent Edwards and C.J. Ah You have already reached deals.

As a continuation of our Training Camp Battles series, we have a discussion on the defensive tackle position coming up later this afternoon. Make sure you vote in the poll to the right on who you think will be starting!

One more note about this site - I have created a new feature (which appears in the left sidebar, directly below "Bills Newsfeed") called "Quote of the Week". Each week I will be taking the best quote - whether for its intelligence, humor or passion - and placing it in this block. Congrats to the first winner, Future Considerations, for his delightful bashing of Mike Mularkey. Keep up the good work, everyone, and you'll probably see your name there!

As promised, we'll be back later today (early this afternoon) with the Battle article on our defensive tackles. Stay tuned!