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Morning Update - Losman OUT, Lynch and Walker Updates

Training camp got started on an ominous report this morning, as news broke that quarterback J.P. Losman missed this morning's practice with a strained back (thanks to Bill Fan in PA for breaking the story here). According to Chris Brown, who mentions this on his blog, Losman will be placed on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list until he's ready to go (he can be removed from this list at any point in time). So after a bit of a scare this morning, it sounds like Losman's ding is minor and that he'll be practicing within the next couple of days.

Bit of a Darwin Walker update, again by way of Chris Brown - he's not at practice. Not a surprise, but hey, news is news. No word on the negotiations going on between the two sides; in this case, I'm guessing that no news is bad news. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

The only other Bill not at practice this morning is first-round pick Marshawn Lynch, who is still without a contract. However, according to Pro Football Talk, that's going to change soon.

We're hearing that a contract agreement between the Buffalo Bills and running back Marshawn Lynch, the No. 12 overall selection in the draft, could be in place as early as Thursday morning.

On Wednesday night, the Falcons inked defensive end Jamaal Anderson, the No. 8 overall selection. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons (No. 15) is the only other guy taken in the top 20 to be signed.

Stay tuned.

Will do. If the team can get Lynch signed over the noon hour and get him into the afternoon practice, we can still consider this first day of camp a success.

We'll have much more later this afternoon, including some highlights from the various camp reports that are sure to spring up, and any more news that comes out of Fisher this morning. Keep it tuned in to Buffalo Rumblings (or use a tabbed browser and put it in the background of the official site, at least).