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Around the AFC East, Pt. II - Miami Dolphins

The Phinsider: SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog

It's Friday morning, so the regulars around these parts know what time it is - rival bashing time. Yes, we are cramming a full-featured Around the AFC East into the morning this Friday so that we may focus on Bills news from training camp this afternoon. Next up: the Miami Dolphins.

Buffalo Rumblings: Let's say Trent Green goes down this season (I can hear you knocking on wood over there). Who would you rather see come in: John Beck or Cleo Lemon?

Matty I, The Phinsider: "Well this is a good question and I think a lot would depend on the situation, as well as a few other things. First of all, we all need to see how John Beck does in an actual NFL game. All indications are that he has a firm grasp of the playbook for a rookie. In fact, it was reported that Beck, on the first day of rookie camp on Tuesday, was at the line of scrimmage barking out audibles, a la Peyton Manning. That sure is a good sign.

Like I said, though, the situation will be the key. If Green was to go down anytime before week 5, for example, I would want to see Cleo Lemon in there just to give Beck some more time to learn and give the offensive line more time to gel. What I don't want is Beck going in and then getting killed thanks to terrible play from the line. So if they haven't gelled yet, then Lemon is the guy to throw out there. Lemon should also be the guy if, say, the Dolphins are actually playing well and hare contending for a playoff spot and Green goes down. However, should Lemon come in and falter for a game or two, then you got nothing to lose in throwing Beck out there and letting him gain some experience.

Alright, so let's recap, since I feel like I've been all over the place with my rambling. First, if Green goes down anytime prior to week 8 or 9, I'd want Lemon in for at least a few games to give Beck some more time to learn. If Green goes down in, say, week 14 or 15 and the Dolphins are playoff contenders at the time, then I'd probably want to give Lemon the first shot. If Green goes down sometime past the halfway point and the Dolphins are clearly out of it, then I'd say let's get Beck in there and give him some experience. about Green just doesn't get hurt at all. That one sounds good to me!"

The truth comes out in the end after all. Matty I's got this one right - only in that specific instance (late in the season and Miami's out of the running) will Beck see the field this season. Not that anyone wants to see Cleo Lemon in there, either. The Dolphins will sink or swim with Green this season - and considering his age, the poor offensive line and a still-weak receiving corps, it's likely that the little Fishies will be sinking.

One more installment coming up ASAP - Jetfighter from NY Landing Strip is on vacation, so we'll do a lot of fun-filled Jet bashing this morning. Hang on tight.