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Around the AFC East - Recap

Another Friday down, another great installment of "Around the AFC East". For those of you who were busy enough to miss the rest of the action today, here's a recap of what went down:

Over at The Phinsider:

Matty I grills me about Buffalo's cornerbacks
The DB discussion continues as Tommasse addresses the Pats' depth
I'm not buying what Jetfighter is selling about the Jets' #3 wideout

Over at Pats Pulpit:

I express my biggest concern about the '07 Bills: their tough schedule
Tommasse discusses the Dolphins' boom or bust O-Line
Jetfighter refers to his QB as "Penny" in his offensive analysis

Over at NY Landing Strip:

I shake my magic 8-ball and predict big things for Marshawn Lynch
Matty I thinks Derek Hagan and Yeremiah Bell are the magical saviors of the Fish (ha!)
Jetfighter picks a fight with Pats LB Junior Seau

As always, this is an open weekly roundtable discussion, and the four of us would be absolutely thrilled if our fans got into the action a little bit. So by all means, if you have an insult-laden question you'd like to ask of Matty I, Tommasse or Jetfighter, shoot me an e-mail and I'll throw the question out there next week.

We'll be back tomorrow with a fantasy update or two, some news and a look at the biggest question mark on Buffalo's roster. Stay tuned!