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Tuesday Bills Practice Notes - Morning, Evening Sessions

The Bills held a morning walkthrough yesterday before their first (sold out) night practice. The team is still making plays and there are some subtle changes occuring on the depth chart; the team is also working around its first slew of minor injuries as well:

Walkthrough Notes
There wasn't much to report here, as the setting was very relaxed (it was a learning environment), but there were a couple things I'd like to mention:

Losman completed a tight pass inside to Kevin Everett who returned from a sore foot and smartly turned his body before the ball arrived to shield the incoming pass from the defender. Losman praised him for the heady play.

Everett, after battling back from a minor foot injury, continues to show encouraging signs. If he can build on the trust that Losman already has in him, we'll have our vertical threat from the TE position.

The quarterback's next pass however, was almost picked off by Paul Posluszny, who appeared to bait the throw to the end zone before closing the window.

This is while Posluszny was on the first team, replacing the dinged up John DiGiorgio. The rookie middle 'backer is understanding the scheme quickly enough to already bait Losman into making mistakes in practice? I'm starting to think that the competition at MLB isn't really a competition...

Night Practice Notes
Kyle Williams and Roscoe Parrish were the stars of the night session, as there were big plays made on both sides of the ball:

The run drill saw highlights on both sides of the ball by the men up front. Kyle Williams, who for the second year in a row is having a strong camp, totally plugged up the middle on a run play for Anthony Thomas preventing him from getting beyond the line of scrimmage. Four plays later Williams blew up the offensive line by himself and wrapped up Shaud Williams five yards behind the line of scrimmage. Williams was in on so many plays in this period that defensive line coach Bill Kollar boomed.

"Whoa, it looks like there are three jerseys with number 95 out here!"

I've said it once and I'll say it again - there's only one defensive tackle on the roster who has locked down a starting job, and it's not veteran Larry Tripplett. Williams seems to be the perfect fit for nose tackle in this scheme - hard-working, surprisingly quick and disruptive against the run. We need a big season out of this kid.

Lined up as an outside receiver Parrish ran a go route on the fifth play of the series got behind Ashton Youboty and J.P. Losman timed his pass well for a 60-yard touchdown hookup with the ball doing all the work.

Parrish had another long reception six plays later and also gained yardage on a receiver screen. He had five catches on the night.

It's great to see that Losman and Parrish have built a little rapport, but I still don't expect Parrish to be anything more than a gadget-type receiver who has a few plays called for him in games. It's imperative to get Roscoe the ball more this season, but he's still, for all intents and purposes, our #4 receiver. But boy can he explode.

Injuries Piling Up
Here's a quick run-through of the guys who have recently come up with injuries:

MLB John DiGiorgio (hip), CB Jason Webster (hamstring), DE Anthony Hargrove (hamstring), MLB Paul Posluszny (ankle), TE Robert Royal (leg), TE Kevin Everett (foot)

Practice Tuesday
Today's practice runs from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Again, I urge any of you who happen to attend camp to send any thoughts/photos/etc. to me via e-mail and I'll post them on the main page straight away. We'll be back later today with more Bills training camp coverage.