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Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints - Open Game Thread

13 at 10

Game Preview :: Canal Street Chronicles

Update [2007-8-10 22:50:17 by Brian G]: Game, set, match. Solid way to end it for our defense, who sent a few blitzes to keep Palko from pulling a Falco and winning the game. I've seen better pre-season performances, but the young guys made enough plays to win this one. Full analysis to come early tomorrow morning; be sure to cast your vote for Player of the Game in the new poll to the right!

Update [2007-8-10 22:42:55 by Brian G]: Two-minute warning, and Palko (Falco?) is driving the Saints down the field. I'd love to see our young defense make one more play to lay this thing to rest, but they've looked more like a broken dam than a defense tonight.

Update [2007-8-10 22:38:58 by Brian G]: This is why I love the pre-season. Why not try a 54-yard field goal? Rian Lindell had a ton of leg on that one and drilled it right down the middle; the Bills lead 13-10 with about 3 minutes remaining. Fred Jackson was once again the catalyst on that drive - he's been very impressive this evening.

Update [2007-8-10 22:15:4 by Brian G]: The Saints have struck back; first-round pick Robert Meachem totally burned Riley Swanson in the corner of the endzone on a nice pass from Palko. Tie ballgame, 11:23 left in the fourth quarter. Let's go Trent Edwards.

Update [2007-8-10 22:9:18 by Brian G]: End of the third quarter. Paul Posluszny just had a big hit on a perfectly timed sack on Tyler Palko. Unfortunately, he got deked out of his boots by Palko on fourth-and-short on the first play of the fourth. First down.

Update [2007-8-10 21:56:22 by Brian G]: TOUCHDOWN! Fred Jackson made a great play on this one, breaking a tackle at the line of scrimmage and housing it from 17 yards out. Lindell's XP makes it 10-3 Bills.

Update [2007-8-10 21:52:27 by Brian G]: After the teams traded some dead possessions, Jabari Greer gives the team another lift with his second interception of the evening on a poor throw by Tyler Palko. Bills start possession at the 38 of the Saints.

Update [2007-8-10 21:32:8 by Brian G]: The second half is now underway. Buffalo has first possession, with rookie Trent Edwards leading the charge.

Update [2007-8-10 21:17:56 by Brian G]: End of the first half. Some timely plays on defense/special teams (L. Walker, Greer) and one sustained drive by the second-team offense has this game tied. Boy, there's a lot of work to be done on both offense and defense. But you can see the defensive speed and the offensive potential showing through.

Update [2007-8-10 21:13:58 by Brian G]: After another nice 3rd-down conversion by Roscoe Parrish, Nall makes a few bad decisions, stalling the drive. A 36-yard field goal Lindell ties the game up at 3.

Update [2007-8-10 21:4:1 by Brian G]: Two minute warning. Craig Nall is driving the offense down the field, hooking up with Roscoe Parrish on a couple of nice plays. Let's see if these guys can put a few points up before the half...

Update [2007-8-10 20:55:55 by Brian G]: Another nice drive is nullified by a real nice interception by Jabari Greer. Still 3-0 Saints.

Update [2007-8-10 20:48:13 by Brian G]: One more first down for the Bills offense, then a nice punt by Moorman. Run game looks bad, and defenders are leaking into Losman's pocket. Drew Brees is out of the game.

Update [2007-8-10 20:37:54 by Brian G]: First play of the 2nd quarter - Mare field goal good. Saints 3, Bills 0.

Update [2007-8-10 20:36:15 by Brian G]: End of the first quarter. Dominant performance by the Saints - Bills have had just one offensive possession, and are giving up chunks of yards on defense. Great job by the special teams thus far.

Update [2007-8-10 20:24:19 by Brian G]: First offensive drive for Buffalo: one first down (scramble by Losman); Lee Evans drops a third-down conversion over the middle.

Update [2007-8-10 20:24:19 by Brian G]: After a solid first drive, the Saints have a 37-yard FG drive blocked... by Langston Walker. Looks like a great addition for our O-Line and special teams.

Update [2007-8-10 20:24:19 by Brian G]: We have kickoff on the 2007 season! Hallelujah!

Welcome to the first ever open game thread at Buffalo Rumblings. Here's the deal: I know for a fact that there are people out there who are "lurkers", i.e. they read this site but never comment. Well, tonight's the perfect opportunity to throw your hat in the ring - go ahead and create a free account to join in the discussion! I'll be here chatting all evening, and I'm looking for as much Bills talk here as possible. So grab a beer (if you're of age - stick with pop otherwise) and let's get talking.