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Buffalo Rumblings Visits Bills Training Camp Tomorrow

I'm looking for opinions, Bills fans - tomorrow (8/14) at 1PM, Papa G and I will be headed to St. John Fisher to catch tomorrow's afternoon practice. Like any good blogger, I'll have pen and paper handy to take as many notes as my abnormally skinny wrist can jot down in two hours' time. But what should I concentrate on?

That's where you come in. My faithful reader(s). My job is to cater to your wants, needs and wishes, so I'm leaving my training camp reports (mostly) up to you. So this is your place to sound off on what you really want to hear about coming out of training camp - specific players, positions in general, drills, plays, Dick Jauron's hat, whatever your little hearts desire. I've got nothing of my own on my training camp to-do list (so far), so fill my list out for me. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, and I'd like to share my experience with as many of you as possible.

And if any of you are actually at camp tomorrow, see if you can't look me up! I'll be one of likely dozens of people sporting a Poz jersey, so look for anyone feverishly scratching out notes. Or just yell for Brian G - when I answer, you won't look crazy.

OK, just one more thing. For those of you who missed the game Friday night and didn't see the highlight, here's Paul Posluszny's first professional sack - even if it was just the pre-season.