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More Hargrove Talk, Jauron Comments and Sunday Practice

Despite the fact that the Buffalo Bills did in fact play a pre-season game this past weekend, nobody is talking about that this morning. Instead, we're left to talk about one player whose mistakes have left his future with the team in serious jeopardy. But since I'm tired of the Anthony Hargrove talk already, I'm tying the Saints game and yesterday's walk-through back into today's news post:

Head Coach Dick Jauron had a few short comments on the Hargrove situation:

"Releasing him is an option."

"I'm certainly not going to deny that this changes our perspective on a number of things. It has to," Jauron said on Sunday. "We're disappointed, but we'll deal with it as we move forward kind of on a daily basis."

As expected, the coaching staff doesn't sound too pleased about Hargrove's latest ordeal. I'll stand by my prediction that Hargrove does not make this final roster.

Hargrove himself issued yet another apology yesterday:

"I want to apologize to Ralph Wilson himself and the whole Bills organization, the Bills' fan club, to my family, my friends, anybody who is affected by this," Hargrove said. "The last two weeks have been rough from the incident at the club to here, now. I'm trying to put those things behind me and move on and be a better man."

Once again, Anthony seems genuine in his apology. He was also sincere when he apologized last week for what has now all but officially been dubbed the "Night Club Incident". Hargrove doesn't sound convinced that the club is going to keep him, which I think is good - maybe a little fear will scare him back into line. For now, this situation will continue to linger over this team until the Bills make a decision one way or the other on whether to release Hargrove.

Getting back to Jauron, he had some not-so-nice things to say following the team's victory over the Saints:

"We didn't execute at a top level and you generally don't in your first exhibition," he said. "Would you like to see it? Yeah, you'd like to see it. We're not happy with some of the things that occurred. We need to correct them and get better."

Boy, is that ever right on. He'd better not be happy with some of the execution issues the team had, especially in the offensive and defensive first units. Run blocking, rhythm and the pass rush on defense were the biggest issues, so it'd be nice to see some progress in those departments against the Falcons.

The Bills held a walk-through practice yesterday, and as expected, it was non-contact and not much happened. Anthony Hargrove, from what I have read, did practice yesterday. Those sitting out were RB Josh Scobey, DE Ryan Denney and S Trevor Hooper. The Bills continue their training camp regimen with a night practice this evening.