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Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons - Open Game Thread

10 vs 13

Game Preview :: The Falcoholic

Update [2007-8-17 23:55:30 by Brian G]: The Bills gave up a late touchdown to Chris Redman and the Falcons to drop a 13-10 decision in their pre-season home opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I was able to withstand screaming children and plenty of drunk, bored fans to get some good analysis; I'll have a full recap of the game up in the morning. I wanted to personally thank nickfeely8 and the rest of you who showed up in the open thread this evening (especially to those of you who are new members - welcome to the site, we're very glad you've joined us!) for keeping the conversation going. It was great to come home to a nice long thread with plenty of updates and interaction. Great job Nick, and great job Bills fans!

Welcome to the official Buffalo Rumblings open game thread for the Bills/Falcons pre-season game. Here's the deal: I know for a fact that there are people out there who are "lurkers", i.e. they read this site but never comment. Well, tonight's the perfect opportunity to throw your hat in the ring - go ahead and create a free account to join in the discussion! I'll be at the Ralph for the game, but nickfeely8, a veteran here at Rumblings, will be leading the discussions - and we're looking for as much Bills talk as possible. So grab a beer (if you're of age - stick with pop otherwise) and let's get talking.