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Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans - Open Game Thread

17 vs 28

Game Preview :: Music City Miracles

Update [2007-8-24 22:3:53 by Brian G]: This one has gone final. The Bills drop a 28-17 decision to fall to 1-2 this pre-season. There were players that played well and players who were downright awful. I've got plenty of notes, but unfortunately won't be able to turn those into anything meaningful until tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came out to chat tonight, and be sure to tune back tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of the game.

Update [2007-8-24 21:49:32 by Brian G]: Fred Jackson looked mighty impressive on that drive. He was the only true offense, with a few yards being picked up by Edwards on a scramble. The kid runs hard and it paid off with his second touchdown of the pre-season.

Update [2007-8-24 21:27:16 by Brian G]: Tennessee opens up the fourth quarter with a missed field goal. Bills take over; my guess is that Trent Edwards will be entering the game now.

Update [2007-8-24 21:15:42 by Brian G]: Our second-team defense is making Kerry Collins look like Johnny Unitas. Collins looked off Jim Leonhard, Riley Swanson got beat and it was another easy score for the Titans. Looks like two home losses this pre-season...

Update [2007-8-24 21:11:15 by Brian G]: Nall has looked good. Quick and decisive with the football and sustaining drives. His drive stalled when Josh Reed dropped a third-down pass on the sideline; Rian Lindell proceeded to blow the field goal wide left. Still 21-10.

Update [2007-8-24 20:52:49 by Brian G]: Aided by a late hit penalty on Paul Posluszny, Kerry Collins has hit Justin Gage for a touchdown. Gage torched George Wilson on the play - I've become less enamored with the converted safety in recent days. Bills are in a hole now; Craig Nall is expected to play quarterback on the next series.

Update [2007-8-24 20:44:33 by Brian G]: The second half is now underway. Kerry Collins has replaced Vince Young at quarterback - if anyone is good for generating some pressure from an opposing D-Line, it's Kerry Collins.

Update [2007-8-24 20:31:23 by Brian G]: Halftime. Plenty of big plays for both teams. The Bills are getting killed by the lack of a running game and a bunch of penalties, but we're seeing improvement offensively, which is good. Stay tuned for the second half!

Update [2007-8-24 20:28:30 by Brian G]: Well that was short-lived. The Bills give up a ton of big plays in the passing game, and the drive is capitalized by a Young-to-Bo Scaife TD that looked too easy. The Bills blitzed and Young burned them.

Update [2007-8-24 20:19:44 by Brian G]: Holy pass protection, Batman! Losman, with all day to throw, has a perfect pass to Evans for a long TD. Great play! Evans beat rookie corner Michael Griffin on the play. That's what time to throw will allow Losman to do this season, folks!

Update [2007-8-24 20:13:44 by Brian G]: After swapping punts a few times, the Bills get a break on a Roscoe Parrish punt return for a TD. Unfortunately, an illegal block in the back nullifies the TD. Still 7-3.

Update [2007-8-24 19:54:57 by Brian G]: Finally, a glimmer of offensive hope. A couple of huge hook-ups between Losman and Peerless Price - including a 56-yard gain that made it first and goal - result in the Bills' first points of the game. Losman nearly scored on a nice scramble on third down; fans booed when Jauron chose to kick the field goal.

Update [2007-8-24 19:42:54 by Brian G]: On fourth and goal, Young sneaks it in for the touchdown. Blame Keith Ellison - rather than keeping Vince in the pocket, he left his lane, missed the tackle completely and gave up the score.

Update [2007-8-24 19:35:6 by Brian G]: End of the first quarter. Struggles all around; let's see if the team can get something going in the second. Very shaky... it's not hard to tell that this team is young.

Update [2007-8-24 19:35:6 by Brian G]: Losman's struggles continue. Held onto a ball too long, allowing a defender to get into his legs. Can't get any mustard on the ball and missed a defender lurking behind his intended receiver. Easy pick for the Titans.

Update [2007-8-24 19:35:6 by Brian G]: Bills drive stalls. Defense still looks rough - run defense is good, but tackling is, well, awful. A Bironas field goal misses, however, so the team still gets a stop. Anyone get the feeling we're wasting all our luck in the pre-season?

Update [2007-8-24 19:35:6 by Brian G]: We have kickoff! Through the endzone for a touchback. Let's go JP!

Welcome to the official Bills/Titans open game thread at Buffalo Rumblings. Here's the deal: I know for a fact that there are people out there who are "lurkers", i.e. they read this site but never comment. Well, tonight's the perfect opportunity to throw your hat in the ring - go ahead and create a free account to join in the discussion! I'll be here chatting all evening, and I'm looking for as much Bills talk here as possible. So grab a seat, tune into the game, partake in your favorite beverage and let's get talking!