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Bills' Defense Continues to Make Plays at Camp

I understand that we're only using one source for our little reports on training camp here, but I'll tell you what - through the first week of practices, I'm feeling more and more comfortable about our defense. Why? Because they just make plays. They'll give up a deep pass to J.P., but they always come back and make a play of their own. It sort of shows the "bend but don't break", "create turnovers" philosophy could keep us in games this year (they are making plays against a pretty good offense, after all).

Crowell Around the Ball
Linebacker Angelo Crowell was finally able to capitalize on being around the ball all week:

Angelo Crowell finally came down with an interception. The past two practices Crowell had successfully positioned himself for a takeaway, but could not hold onto the ball two times. The third time was the charm as he jumped all over a receiver screen and took Losman's pass to the end zone.

It's good to see Crowell around the ball, even if he's still kicking off the rust and struggling to finish plays. He is our most important defender this year; the fact that he's making plays (against Losman no less) is encouraging as he comes back from IR.

Marshawn's Superb Balance
I loved this short piece about one of Marshawn Lynch's runs at last night's practice:

Marshawn Lynch got the next three carries and had an impressive run when he ran off left tackle. As Lynch reached the line of scrimmage cornerback Jabari Greer came down in run support and dropped his shoulder into Lynch. But Lynch bounced off of him, kept his feet and sidestepped another would-be tackler as he deftly demonstrated his strong balance.

I'm not sure what to think of his bouncing off of Greer, the team's smallest player save Roscoe Parrish, but the fact remains that this is what gives Lynch his potential. It's not his receiving or rushing talents or his incredible charisma, it's his balance that makes him a potentially special player at this level. I can't wait to see this kid in live football action, even if it's just the pre-season.

Whittle Leading the Right Guard Competition?
Dick Jauron didn't hand the job to anyone, but he did, in essence, name Jason Whittle as the leading candidate in the right guard competition (emphasis added):

"We have some really good guys this year. We have some quality options here starting with Jason Whittle. The guy is a veteran. He's played. He's a good player, a really good player. He's a smart player and a really tough guy. Duke is on that side. Brad was over there. We can move Aaron (Merz) over there. There are a number of options. I don't want to dismiss the young guys. It's just they're not in a position yet to really challenge because they're just learning. They're just trying to learn the schemes. I like the options. I'd just like them all to be healthy."

Interesting stuff. Perhaps I'm reading too much into that, but from the sounds of it, the Bills picked up three starting linemen this off-season, not just two.

We'll have one more quick update this evening on today's practice; tomorrow, however, we're taking a break from training camp. Why? Because tomorrow, the day belongs to Thurman Thomas.