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Bills Practice Notes - Friday Evening Edition

The Bills practiced once more this afternoon at St. John Fisher after a morning walk-through that saw left tackle Jason Peters participate after a scary near-injury last evening. With one injury out of the way, however, another one cropped up - and the player involved is no stranger to injuries.

McCargo Injured; How Serious Is It?
DT John McCargo left practice early this afternoon after injurying an oblique muscle. McCargo, who suffered through injuries in college as well as last year's foot injury that landed him on IR, seems to be a magnet for nagging problems such as these. It's unclear exactly how much time he will miss; rest assured that this situation will be monitored closely, especially in light of the Darwin Walker trade.

CB Jason Webster, OL Brad Butler, OL Christian Gaddis, LB John DiGiorgio and RB Josh Scobey missed practice as well.

More Promise from Marshawn Lynch
With all the talk of a multi-RB approach to the offense, as well as the presence of two "between-the-tackles" runners in Anthony Thomas and Dwayne Wright on the roster, it was a bit surprising to hear of Marshawn Lynch's effectiveness running in the red zone:

The run game was a focus in red zone work during this period as every able back on the roster got carries during this segment. Marshawn Lynch proved particularly elusive and was impressive in the way he was able to keep his balance despite taking some shots here and there. He also gave a good shoulder fake to juke a defender and get extra yardage upfield.

If Lynch can be good enough in the red zone to score against defenses, it only increases our red zone versatility. It gives defenders one more weapon to think about, rather than thinking it'll be Thomas or Wright on carries up the middle, Lynch to the edge or a Losman throw. This, at least to me, is good news.

Trent Edwards
If any of you have a little down time and want to try an experiment, head on over to the multimedia section of and check out the highlight videos from each day's practice. In particular, keep an eye on rookie QB Trent Edwards. I ran through some of the videos this evening and came away with three observations of note:

- Boy, does this kid look comfortable in the pocket and under pressure.
- Boy, does this kid throw a nice looking ball.
- Boy, is it easy to tell where that nice looking ball is going.

It's pretty clear that Edwards is a talented kid, but I've never seen a quarterback quite so transparent in his intentions as a passer. If quarterbacks coach Turk Schonert can teach this kid how to read and mislead defenses, he could be truly special. But it would scare me to see Edwards on the field during the regular season.

Coming Tomorrow: the Bills have a practice tomorrow morning at around 10 AM, but don't expect to hear anything about it from me until Sunday morning. Tomorrow is Thurman Thomas Day here at Buffalo Rumblings. The Bills legend is being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame tomorrow, so we're dedicating Saturday's Bills coverage here at Rumblings to my favorite Bill of all time, Mr. Thurman Thomas. Be sure to check in tomorrow and pay your respects to Thurman. Go Bills!