The Great Cutdown Prediction Thread!

Step right up, step right up!

Post your boasts right here, ladies and gentlemen!

Who do you guarantee will stay?  (Be bold - an answer of Chris Kelsay won't cut the mustard.)

What suprise cut will occur?  (Again, boldness is where the style points are.)

Let's get it on!

I'll even start.  Surprise guy who will stay?  Hmmm...  I think George Wilson makes this roster.  Chris Brown makes a good point about his remaining year of eligibility, but I think his retention allows us an additional reason why only 5 WRs can be carried, and the guy has improved by leaps and bounds.  (Wendling will not get exposed to the waiver wire, no matter what.)

My surprise cut?  Brad Cieslak.  I like Brad, but I believe he occupies a no-man's-land in the TE/H-Back corp.  Schouman has caught as well as him so far, and has blocked equally as well, and is a rookie.  Neufeld is a special teams leader.  Murphy and Everett have shown both hard work and an explosiveness it seems Brad lacks.  I think he gets the short end of the stick.

So let's hear it!

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