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Buffalo Rumblings Exclusive: Interview with Paul Posluszny

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You know him as the Buffalo Bills' second-round pick in the 2007 Draft. You know him as a college football legend from Linebacker U. Yes, folks, Paul Posluszny himself was gracious enough to take a few moments of his precious time to answer six questions posed by yours truly for this site. (If he struggles at any point this season, feel free to blame me for keeping his nose out of the playbook - because if he wasn't answering my questions, you know that's exactly where his nose would be).

Right up front, I would like to thank Paul for taking the time to answer my generic run-of-the-mill questions. I'd especially like to thank Pete Ausiello, President of B&G Sports Memorabilia, LLC (the official representative of memorabilia, collectibles, appearances and the official website of Paul Posluszny), without whom this interview would not have been possible.

Buffalo Rumblings: How is your grasp of the defense coming along?
Paul Posluszny: "Pretty well - each day I feel more comfortable with the system."

BR: What is your take on the defensive coaching staff thus far?
Paul Posluszny: "I feel the coaching staff has done an outstanding job - especially working with the rookies to understand the schemes. They know what it takes to win and explain the system to us so we understand it".

BR: What are your goals for this Friday's pre-season game against the Saints?
Paul Posluszny: "I want to be mentally perfect. I want to be able to read & react and be physical. I'm looking forward to going full speed against a different opponent."

BR: Which coach do you prefer - Dick Jauron or Joe Paterno?
Paul Posluszny: "No preference. Both have completely different coaching styles. Coach Jauron knows how to manage the team and how to handle the players and Coach Paterno taught me a lot on and off the field during my career at PSU."

BR: What one thing has impressed you about the Bills organization thus far?
Paul Posluszny: "How the players are treated by the organization. They really take care of us and have everything we need on and off the field. I have really enjoyed my time with the Bills."

BR: Who is the toughest Bill to defend against?
Paul Posluszny: "Roscoe Parrish - he is the quickest athlete I have ever competed against."

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to Paul Posluszny for taking the time, and to Pete Ausiello of B&G Sports Memorabilia for putting this interview together. Good luck this Friday, Poz - us Bills fans will be paying close attention and cheering you on!