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(Buffalo, NY, September 11, 2007) - - We have some breaking news about the condition of bills tight end Kevin Everett.  Doctor Peter Ostrow reports with some hopeful news.

I spoke with Dr. Andy Cappuccino, one of his surgeons, Tuesday, and he was much more optimistic than yesterday. He said Kevin Everett is able to move his arms and legs, a great advance since yesterday.

All of us who saw the injury during the football game and heard the early reports feared the worst, but many things went right for Kevin Everett. The Bills' training staff practices for situations just like this and they were ready. Dr. John Marzo led the drill, and trainer Bud Carpenter immobilized Kevin's head.

As soon as they put him inthe ambulance, treatment began. He was given steroids as the ambulance went through the tunnell, and two IV's were inserted so he could be given a treatment that would lower his body temperature. Within an hour of the time thay reached Millard Fillmore Gates, he had a CT Scan and an MRI Scan, and within an hour and a half, Dr. Cappuccino and Dr. Kevin Gibbons began surgery and it went very well.

Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, Othopedic Surgeon, "The spinal cord was completely decompressed, and the spine was fixated from the back with four screws and two small rods.  At that point in time, an intraoperative ultrasound or doppler study was performed to evaluate the cord, the covering of the cord and the cord itself were completely intact, and actually looked good."

The doctors were reluctant to give an optimistic prognosis, but there were some early hopeful signs.

Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, Othopedic Surgeon, "This examination, about 6 hours after surgery did show voluntary movement of his legs in his adductors, the muscles that ppull his legs together, and his plantarflexors the muscles that push his feet down."

And Kevin himself, in a message to his mother, gave the most optimistic prediction.

Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, Othopedic Surgeon, "He told her that he was going to get better and he didn't want her to worry."

And Tuesday, Dr Cappuccino says, "We may be wittnessing a minor miracle."  He said that because, today, Kevin Everett was able to voluntarily move his arms and legs, a marked improvement over yesterday. He also noted that the MRI scan taken after the surgery showed only a small amount of swelling in the cord. Those are both good signs.

[Q] You said they lowered his body temperature.  What did that do?

[A] Its one of the things that prevents the cord from swelling, along with the steroids. The treatment protocol was designed by Dr. Barth Green in Miami, who happens to be a personal friend of Ralph Wilson.

This would be amazing news.  Keep praying for Kevin...

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