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Update: Everett Voluntarily Moving Arms, Legs

Over 48 hours of concern, thoughts and prayers directed toward Kevin Everett and the Buffalo Bills organization have left the Bills in an unfortunate state since this past weekend's game against the Denver Broncos. Now, however, we have a sprig of hope: Kevin Everett is voluntarily moving his arms and legs. (Kudos to Kurupt for breaking this story here in the diary section.)

Everett's doctor, Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, this evening gave more bits of good news as well: Everett's sedation levels have been lowered, allowing him to communicate with doctors and respond to verbal commands. Cappuccino also conveyed that Everett's spinal cord has only a minimal amount of swelling and looks, for the most part, healthy.

From the original WIVB report:

...Tuesday, Dr Cappuccino says, "We may be witnessing a minor miracle." He said that because, today, Kevin Everett was able to voluntarily move his arms and legs, a marked improvement over yesterday. He also noted that the MRI scan taken after the surgery showed only a small amount of swelling in the cord. Those are both good signs.

After what has been a gloomy two days, this is obviously great news to hear. Everett still has a long, long road ahead of him - he will have to undergo extensive rehabilitation to walk again, and he may not be out of the woods as far as surgical complications such as blood clots and infection go. But as it stands right now, Everett is not paralyzed - that will let everyone involved in this situation breathe a little easier this evening. Keep Kevin Everett in your thoughts and prayers, because he is still going to need them. But for the first time in two days, Bills fans can relax and smile a bit.