Eric Powell released

Hadn't seen this posted yet, so I thought I'd throw it out there...Bills release Powell and put Simpson on IR.

This is an odd move to me. We must have a trade in place to acquire another DE. Powell actually got significant playing time on Sunday and I thought he had performed reasonably well. Now, today we see he gets cut out of the blue. As I mentioned a trade is likely in place, but there could also be implications that Denney's injury might keep him out longer than expected. Think about it...Hargrove will be back in a few weeks and would have likely taken Powell's place on the roster and definitely his playing time. Denney would return soon after we believed. Now it appears we'll be bringing in another DE, one who presumably will be a nice upgrade to Powell. This seems like it could be a more permanent move for the rest of the season.  I doubt we'd bring someone in for a few weeks until Hargrove was back and then Denney. I have to believe Denney's foot could keep him out longer which leads me to think any move we make now will be to cover that.

I think I just rambled too much, but anyways...there has to be some move already in place or this cut just doesn't make sense to me. We weren't in need of the roster spot as Gaines had filled Murphy's spot on the roster and then Murphy filled Everett's. With Simpson on the shelf for the year, we already had 1 roster spot open and now with the release of Powell 2 spots. Jason Webster is also out for the year, so that'll be a 3rd spot available.

There are rumors we are bringing Omar Stoutmire in for a look tomorrow. I've also heard about LB Nick Griesen.

There are a lot of moves we need to make in the next few days. Apparently DE, S and LB are among those.  CB could be as well...

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