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Bills Add S Scott, DE Bryan to Bolster Defensive Depth

With defensive depth issues abound, the Bills today filled out their 53-man roster once more by signing free agent safety Bryan Scott and defensive end Copeland Bryan to the active roster. The moves boost depth once more in a depleted safety corps, and also gives the Bills a talented warm body behind their starting defensive ends.

Scott, most recently with the Tennessee Titans, is a veteran of four years and has spent that time with three teams, including the Falcons and the Saints. Scott is not generally regarded as a coverage demon, but the role he'll play in Buffalo won't ask him to be. He is athletic, speedy and will work fine in a strong safety reserve and special teams role for this club; his game experience makes him a valuable asset at this point.

Bryan comes by way of the Chicago Bears practice squad. He spent the '06 season in the same position. Having spent two years in the Bears' Cover-2 defensive scheme, he obviously has the knowledge and ability to make an impact in Buffalo right away. This scouting report of Bryan highlights his attributes coming out of college:

Athletic pass rusher who makes a lot of plays up the field. Fast off the edge, plays with excellent pad level and pursues from the backside with speed. Effectively uses hand technique to stay off blocks and immediately alters his angle of attack. Resilient, rarely off his feet and exploits immobile blockers. Has ability dropped off the line playing space.

These are interesting signings - Scott is a calming presence in a young secondary, and Bryan is a nice potential signing behind two solid vets and a third, Anthony Hargrove, who returns from suspension in 3 weeks. Thoughts on the signings?

Update [2007-9-12 12:44:55 by Brian Galliford]: WCG from Windy City Gridiron, SB Nation's Bears blog, has very kindly given his taken on DE Copeland Bryan:

He is 6'4 about 250 he is very athletic and a speed rusher. He did not get into games much, even during preseason. His problem is he does not carry bulk and isn't all that strong, so he can be shut down fairly easy if a linemen can get his hands on him before he can wind up. He also has focus issues. He isn't always in a game and that probably is what hurts him more than anything.

Thanks WCG!