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All That Needs To Be Said About the Pats

I've debated discussing the scandal surrounding Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots here. I generally am a person to act civilly and avoid confrontation, but seriously - how could I possibly call myself a Bills fan without acknowledging the Patriots' downfall? (Because if this is anything, it's a downfall - you can argue that the team was and is good, but you can't argue that their legacy is tarnished in a big way.)

But Ryan Parker has saved me from saying what I wanted to say - because, well, he said it all for me. This video has made the rounds around SB Nation blogs today, but props go out to Stampede Blue for not only getting this video up early, but absolutely trashing the Patriots over the past week. Well done, BigBlueShoe.

And now, all that needs to be said about the Pats: