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Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Open Game Thread

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Game Preview :: Behind the Steel Curtain

Update [2007-9-16 15:57:35 by Brian Galliford]: The Bills fall to 0-2 after getting thoroughly dominated by the Steelers. The loss falls on the shoulders of blitz pickup, J.P. Losman and the inability to get off the field on third down. It doesn't get easier next week either, as the Bills travel to New England to take on the Cheaters Patriots.

Update [2007-9-16 15:33:41 by Brian Galliford]: The flood gates have opened, helped out by the refs missing a blatant hold on the Steelers' latest drive. Willie Parker takes it to the house, and the blowout commences.

Update [2007-9-16 15:14:48 by Brian Galliford]: Turnover on downs, as two effective blitzes keep the Bills off the scoreboard. Now, all is bleak. About 14 minutes remain in this thing; let's see if the Bills can at least make a few plays to keep things semi-interesting.

Update [2007-9-16 15:10:54 by Brian Galliford]: End of the third quarter. All is not bleak quite yet; Losman has the offense moving and deep into Steelers territory. If we can get one in the end zone here, we've got a fighting chance. Can't settle for field goals anymore.

Update [2007-9-16 15:0:17 by Brian Galliford]: Roethlisberger to Spaeth on third and goal from the one. With a 2 TD+ deficit to face, it's time for Losman to start making some plays. It's now or never for the young man.

Update [2007-9-16 14:46:47 by Brian Galliford]: A 63-yard kickoff return by Terrence McGee (that, luckily, wasn't challenged) sets up a field goal and Buffalo's first points of the day. Thank you, Marshawn Lynch - he ran hard on the drive. Losman's one pass, on third and goal from the 5, was a good 2 yards out of bounds. Just one more negative play for our "offensive leader".

Update [2007-9-16 14:38:12 by Brian Galliford]: The second half is now underway. Let's go, Losman.

Update [2007-9-16 14:19:56 by Brian Galliford]: Yet another field goal for the Steelers. Jabari Greer nets two pass breakups in the red zone playing place of the injured Ashton Youboty; 15 seconds remain in the half.

Update [2007-9-16 14:3:21 by Brian Galliford]: Another Jeff Reed field goal as the Bills' defense makes a couple of nice plays in the red zone to keep the Steelers out of the end zone. 3 minutes remain in the half; let's see what Losman can do in what will essentially be a 2-minute drill.

Update [2007-9-16 13:46:32 by Brian Galliford]: The Bills' defense bends but doesn't break again, though it took a terrible pass from Ben Roethlisberger to achieve it. Jeff Reed's second field goal is good; the Bills need to sustain a nice offensive drive here just to give the defense a blow.

Update [2007-9-16 13:35:17 by Brian Galliford]: End of the first quarter. Good on the defense, forcing a turnover and thwarting a nice opening drive. Bad on the offense - other than a couple of nice Lynch runs, we're putrid once again this week.

Update [2007-9-16 13:12:59 by Brian Galliford]: The Steelers' opening drive nets them a field goal. Buffalo bends but does not break.

Update [2007-9-16 13:3:1 by Brian Galliford]: We have kickoff! For live comments and in-game updates, refresh this page and check out the comments section as well.

The Buffalo Bills look to earn their first victory of the season when they square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1:00 PM this afternoon at Heinz Field. While the game is aired on CBS, the best place for you to get in-game updates is right here at the official Buffalo Rumblings Open Game Thread. Got a question or a comment to make about the game, during the game? This is the spot for it. Don't have a free account to do this? Create one. I look forward to chatting with you folks as the game unfolds this afternoon!