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Updates: Kevin Everett, Fantasy Football

This news broke yesterday (props to rexob for letting us know about it in this diary): Kevin Everett is moving both hands. From the article:

"Kevin Everett remains medically stable in the intensive care unit, and continues to make daily improvement in his neurological status," Bills doctor John Marzo said Monday in a statement released by the team.

Marzo provided his evaluation after the player was examined Sunday evening by Bills orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino.

"Kevin demonstrated increased strength in the muscles of his legs," Marzo said. "In addition, he was able to show some movement in both hands."

After a bleak two weeks from the Bills, this news is extremely uplifting. What an incredible story - not only proving the mettle and determination of Kevin Everett, but showing just how far research and treatment of spinal cord injuries has come in recent years.

From the Buffalo Rumblings community, our thoughts and prayers remain with Kevin and his family as he continues to battle through his rehabilitation process. You're a true Bill, Kevin - you alone are giving Bills fans something to cheer about right now. We love ya, kid.

Gunslingers - the fantasy football team owned and operated by yours truly - is doing its best impression of, sadly, the Buffalo Bills right now. The young team was ripped by Kurupt this week, dropping us to 0-2 on the season. The team's 179 points through 2 games ranks us 9th in the 10-team league. Pick it up, guys. Here's how the league stands after two weeks:

1. labill (2-0) - Palmer, R. Moss, J. Walker, Addai and E. James make a scary team for labill.
2. The Illegit McGahees (2-0) - Smack-talking krukow is getting backed up by Brady, Burress and the Minnesota defense.
3. CircleTheWagons (2-0) - Gore, Wayne and the Bears D are winning close games for these guys.
4. Kurupt for now (1-1) - S. Smith, Holt and Houshmandzadeh are a killer receiving corps.
5. FutureConsiderations (1-1) - Led by Ocho Cinco and LT, this team is oh-so-close to 2-0.
6. Levy's Legends (1-1) - Tony Romo is making up for the ineptitude of Larry Johnson.
7. Thomas Jonesing (1-1) - Jetfighter of NY Landing Strip is hanging in behind TO and S. Alexander.
8. Buffalo Thurmanators (0-2) - Peyton Manning alone a successful team does not make.
9. Gunslingers (0-2) - As soon as M. Bulger, R. Bush and V. Davis get it together... yeah it won't help.
10. Cohoes Crazies (0-2) - Brees, Jones-Drew and Evans are driving this owner crazy.

Not all is bleak in the world of fantasy football for yours truly, however. Behind a combined 86 points from C. Palmer and S. Smith, Buffalo Rumblings was able to stave off a healthy effort from Baltimore Beatdown (and Gore, McGee and B. Edwards) in a 156-134 victory in Week Two. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a ton of points.

With the victory, your favorite fantasy football team, Buffalo Rumblings, now sits atop the "Damn It's Cold" division in the SB Nation American Conference FF League. The standings:

Damn It's Cold Division
1. Buffalo Rumblings: 2-0
2. Baltimore Beatdown: 1-1
3. NY Landing Strip: 1-1
4. Mile High Report: 0-2

Fake Teams (SB Nation's fantasy sports blog) leads the "Good Ole Boys" division at 2-0; the one remaining unbeaten team, Dawgs By Nature, sits atop the "Midwest Lovers" division. Buffalo Rumblings' week three opponent is our third straight divisional contest against NY Landing Strip - a contest that we happen to be favored by 12 points in. Go Buffalo Rumblings!