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Bills Sign Seven to Practice Squad

Just a day after most of the following players were released (save the "headliner"", so to speak), the Bills today have signed seven players to their practice squad. In no particular order, those players are:

WR Scott Mayle, WR Justin Jenkins, HB Derek Schouman, OG Christian Gaddis, OG Nevin McCaskill, DT Corey Mace, S Jon Corto, DE Daniel Watts (NFL Int'l, does not count toward 8-player maximum)

I am pretty shocked that four players aren't included on this list (although one spot does remain open to fill at the team's leisure). Sitting at the top of that list is DE C.J. Ah You. For the past several seasons the Bills have not cut any of the draft picks; it seems incredible that one of our picks this season didn't even make the practice squad. Cornerbacks Eric Bassey and Riley Swanson and LB Thaddaeus Washington are surprise castaways as well; I thought Washington was a pretty stellar special teams performer (particularly in the Lions game), and with only five corners on the roster it seemed logical that one would be kept on the practice squad. But again, one spot remains open - I expect that slot to be filled by either a quarterback or a cornerback.

You have to feel good for Corto though. The Bills don't exactly need a sixth safety in the organization, but it's a great story that the Orchard Park native will be a member of his local professional football franchise. What a ride for this kid.

Still no word on whether the team is looking for veteran help from outside the organization. If you hear any rumors or news on this front, please post them in the comments here - I'll be hawking the Internets for news from time to time. I have to believe that there are one or two moves still up this team's sleeves - but for now, it looks like the personnel is set and they're looking forward to the Broncos.