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Week 4 Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Update

Ugh. I remember, two years ago, when fantasy football was fun. I was winning three separate championships that year - turns out I peaked early. Now, in the 2007 Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football league, my team - the Gunslingers - should be re-named the "Falcons". We're mired in mediocrity. This is getting disgusting, guys - what was once such a promising team is now pretty much just awful. Never before have I gone this far into a fantasy season winless - it's a good feeling, let me tell you.

Here's the matchups going down in the league this weekend - feel free, owners, to talk a little smack to the opposition here, and feel free, readers, to make a few predictions if you so desire:

Buffalo Thurmanators (0-3) vs. Gunslingers (0-3)
Ah, the battle of awful teams. Well, awful is a bit strong - but winless teams can't be considered anything more than "bad". My team will be relying on big days out of Travis Henry and, regrettably, Thomas Jones to grab our first win; that will be tough to come by against the Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch-led Thurmanators.

LABill (3-0) vs. FutureConsiderations (1-2)
Probably the most talented team in the league, FutureConsiderations has been killed by LT's poor start and leaving McNabb on the bench last week. His counterpart, LABill, has been dominant - having Carson Palmer, Joseph Addai and Randy Moss will do that. LABill is the favorite, but this is, in reality, a clash of the titans.

The Illegit McGahees (2-1) vs. Levy's Legends (2-1)
LL has snuck out two wins behind the play of Tony Romo, but having Clinton Portis on bye this weekend could hurt his chances. Then again, the McGahees are banged up with Deuce McAllister on IR and Rudi Johnson out this weekend. Romo will shred the Rams, and the Legends should in turn shred the McGahees.

Thomas Jonesing (2-1) vs. CircleTheWagons (3-0)
This is going to be a fun matchup. CTW (E. Manning, F. Gore, B. Westbrook, R. Wayne) faces off against our resident Jets fan (TO, Alexander, McGahee). This one will go down to the wire, but I'm sticking with the unbeaten team - Gore should bust out of his mini-slump in a big way against the Seahawks.

Cohoes Crazies (0-3) vs. Kurupt for now (2-1)
Those poor Crazies. Maurice Jones-Drew and Lee Evans have shredded what was a high-potential lineup, and the Crazies as a result have posted 64 fewer points than the next worst team (Gunslingers... ugh). Add in Kurupt's outstanding receiver trio of Steve Smith, Torry Holt and Houshmandzadeh, and we could have another blowout on our hands. Hang in there, Crazies.