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News and Notes from Bills Country

The 2007 NFL season draws nearer, Bills fans. Sure, we've got four more full days to get through before the Bills meet the Broncos, but real football actually starts Thursday. Get excited!

Starting tonight, we here at Buffalo Rumblings will begin breaking down the Denver Broncos in preparation for Sunday's matchup (article is still under construction; apologies for the delays. It will be up and running by the time you've got the kids to bed). Before we get into that, however, I had a few things I'd like to point out - both related directly to the Bills as well as to the community:

As was expected, the Bills filled out their practice squad with a quarterback, bringing back Kevin Eakin to fill the void. This is a great move - there were a lot of names from other organizations thrown around, but the Bills have a complex offense and Eakin is familiar with it. He'll be adequate running the scout team and he seems to be a smart guy; with Trent Edwards on board, we didn't need another QB project anyways. Very smart move by the coaching staff.

If you haven't checked out the latest diary from the ever-eloquent Dock Ellis, do so. He has a great caution about this weekend's game, especially if you're going - BE LOUD. He's spot on when he points out the following:

But all that doesn't matter as much as this - our 12th man needs to be LOUD. Loud loud loud. Our opening month crowds the last couple of years have been anemic - practically Patriots-like in their short term memory and bandwagon attitudes. It's been embarassing, frankly.

That's absolutely right. So if you're going to the game this weekend (or even watching from the comforts of your own home), forget about everything we talk about here. Forget that our team is ridiculously young, and that our defense has generally been shredded this pre-season. Your task is simple: scream your lungs out. And come visit me in Section 114, if you're up for it. Seriously. Anyone is welcome to stop by and chat before the game or during halftime. Just yell my name.

I mentioned recently that we had an announcement to make; it's now time to do so. This one has been brewing for a while - I've been looking for a way to broaden the content that's available to the lovely people who visit here daily. That has now been accomplished with the establishment of the following:

The Buffalo Gridiron Pulse! The BGP, as I will undoubtedly become lazy enough to refer to it as in the future, is a weekly Internet radio show/podcast brought to you by yours truly and David Oleksy, or "D.O.", of The BuffaLowdown (and Die By the Blade, if you're a fan of the Sabres or SB Nation). Each week we'll be discussing current events, news and developments as well as analyzing games, doing interviews of fellow bloggers and anything else we can think of - all for you! That's why we're encouraging you to get involved. The show is LIVE every Thursday night at 9:00 PM (Eastern) and features live chat and live call-in features - so we'd love to hear from you! For future reference, a button has been placed in the top right corner of this page to easily access the show - which is brought to you by

For the record, I also wanted to point out that rather than going by "Brian G", due to the new show, I thought I'd throw my entire name into posts. It makes things a bit more personal and professional, and hopefully it will increase recognition between this site and the show. It's still me - you just get to see my last name now.

OK, your evening announcements are over. Let's move on to the Broncos, shall we?