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Bills TE Everett in ICU After Emergency Spinal Surgery

Update [2007-9-10 7:59:40 by Brian Galliford]: ESPN is reporting Monday morning that Everett has "sparse movement" the morning after emergency surgery on his spine. This is according to his agent, Brian Overstreet. The report also indicates that last night's surgery lasted for two hours and was done to remove bone chips from the injured area. Everett was on a respirator after the surgery and will be monitored throughout the day; his mother is also flying in from Texas today. Stay tuned, and please keep Kevin in your thoughts as you return to work today.

Update [2007-9-9 21:59:24 by Brian Galliford]: It's being reported on NBC that Kevin Everett is now OUT of surgery and in ICU. There will be a 12-24 hour wait period before doctors have a prognosis on Everett's condition, but from the sounds of it he's made it through surgery. Keep praying, Bills fans - and thanks to everyone whose thoughts lie with Everett this evening, including the classy fans in Denver.

Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett is in emergency surgery Sunday evening after sustaining a cervical spinal injury in the team's loss to the Denver Broncos.

Everett was injured covering a kickoff early in the second half. A helmet-to-helmet hit on Everett left him motionless on the field, and he was soon placed on a stretcher and removed from the field of play via ambulance. As emergency workers tended to Everett, a sellout crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium - filled with both Bills and Broncos fans - stood by in eerie silence. It was an incredibly scary situation that now appears to be getting worse.

Today, the Buffalo Bills lost a football game. But right now, that doesn't matter - what matters is the health of one of our own. From the Buffalo Rumblings community, our thoughts and prayers tonight lie with Kevin Everett, his family and the Buffalo Bills organization. Hang in there, Kevin - all of Buffalo is pulling for you.