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Bills News and Notes: 1/14

I miss the days when the Bills organization actually made news. Over the past two-plus weeks, the only newsworthy info coming from One Bills Drive has been the reshuffling of the front office - which wasn't exactly exciting, life-altering news. Welcome to the off-season. Still, there are a few talking points to bring up outside of our roster discussions. Here they are.

The Buffalo News breaks down Buffalo's injuries from the 2007 season. This isn't a "making excuses" article, it's a "wow, that's impressive" article. Buffalo led the league in just about every injury category fathomable this season. No wonder the team's training staff received an award after the season.

Adam Benigni of breaks down the Brandon promotion in a much more sophisticated and poignant manner than I could muster. He's got this exactly right: the Brandon promotion was expected, is good for the franchise, and all the other optimistic garb I spew that you guys are probably sick of. Maybe Benigni can convince you better than I.

The Cold, Hard Football Facts has a pretty humorous - yet nausea-inspiring - article up entitled the Curse of Flutie. Basically, the Bills and Cowboys have had little post-season success because of Wade Phillips' decision to bench Flutie before the infamous Titans playoff loss; since then, the Bills haven't made the playoffs, Dallas lost in their first playoff game (they haven't won a playoff game for 11 years), and the Chargers are only winning because Phillips is off of their staff (they had first-game exits the previous two years when Phillips was their defensive coordinator). Obviously, with the Curse of the Bambino broken, the Curse of Flutie is now taking center stage. Can the lethal combination of Dick Jauron and Trent Edwards break it?