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Bills Needs List, Part I: Offensive Skill Positions

Losman's fate a huge key to the off-season (

In 2007, the Buffalo Bills struggled through what would ultimately become on of the franchise's worst offensive performances in team history. After offensive deficiencies were at the crux of the majority of the team's 9 losses, most experts believe that the Bills will focus a great deal of their offensive attention at improving offensive point production. That improvement, if it happens, will undoubtedly come at the team's skill positions.

In our recent breakdowns of the current roster, we had several discussions about possible additions and subtractions at the skill positions this off-season. Let's take a quick look at what those were:

Possible Additions
QB: cheap, veteran backup
RB: none
WR: big, physical veteran; big, physical rookie; tall deep threat
TE/FB: rookie pass-catching threat; veteran receiving threat with semi-developed blocking skill

Possible Subtractions
QB: J.P. Losman
RB: Anthony Thomas, Shaud Williams
WR: Peerless Price, Sam Aiken
TE/FB: Ryan Neufeld, Matt Murphy, Tim Massaquoi, Jonathan Evans

Prioritizing the Needs
This is, obviously, the first installment of our community needs list. The names listed above, as well as what we'll talk about below, are open to debate - and each segment will be for 12-24 hours (at least, that's how I hope it will work well). We'll take a look at the names we mentioned in the roster breakdowns, liquidize it into needs, and then prioritize those needs. Simple, right? Only in theory; I've a feeling that the debates are going to be (respectfully) heated. Let the games begin!

Liquidizing from the above possible additions/subtractions, here is - in essence - what we've identified as needs (and again, this is open to discussion in the comments, so feel free to whole-heartedly disagree with me):

- Veteran backup quarterback*
- Big, physical wide receiver
- Pass-catching tight end
- Blocking fullback**

* - only if J.P. Losman is traded/released; ** - added after T. Schonert made the switch back to a two-back system

Now it's time to prioritize - and that's all you, folks. Your options are three-fold: add to the skill positions needs list; debate the number of each need that we need; and, most importantly, prioritize the needs from biggest need to least important need. I'll partake in the discussions, but let's make this clear: this is our list, not my list. Let's prioritize!