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Bills Needs List, Part II: Offense

Does Butler (right) continue to start? (Denver Post)

As a continuation of our new series called "Buffalo Bills Needs List" (no, I don't consider myself a creative mind), this morning we will tie in discussions from the past two days as we wrap up this community's needs list for Buffalo's offense. To recap, this is what the community decided - nearly unanimously - are the Bills' four needs, in order of priority, offensively (based off of this discussion and this discussion):

1. Tight End - a pass-catcher is a must-have for our developing QB
2. Wide Receiver - a player that excels after the catch would perfectly complement Buffalo's current receivers
3. Fullback - with Turk Schonert switching to a two-back system, a blocker is needed
4. Quarterback - this would slide up to priority 3 in the event of a J.P. Losman trade

Additionally, it was decided that the Bills, in reality, need two wide receivers brought in this off-season.

We'll begin to round out offensive discussions today by incorporating offensive line needs into the list. Based on our previous breakdowns of Buffalo's current personnel on the exterior and interior of the Bills' line, this is what was agreed upon as possible additions and subtractions to this unit:

Possible Additions
OT: developmental prospect
OG/C: beefier backup guard and center

Possible Subtractions
OT: Patrick Estes
OG/C: Jason Whittle, Duke Preston, Christian Gaddis, Aaron Merz

Prioritizing the Needs
Liquidizing from the possible additions/subtractions listed above, it's been agreed upon that the Bills need to bring in depth at offensive tackle and at least one player inside who can play guard and center - two if the coaching staff wants to differentiate. For our purposes, we'll narrow it down to one depth player at tackle and one depth player on the interior offensive line. (If you feel strongly that the Bills need to add two depth interior linemen, please let us know about it in the comments.)

So this is your charge today:

- Using the skill position needs list, add a second WR item to the list - where do WR1 and WR2 rate on the original list compared to tight end, fullback and quarterback?
- Incorporate reserve OT and reserve OG/C into the list. That will prioritize the needs of Buffalo's entire offensive unit.

Consider this discussion open. Wednesdays are incredibly busy for me, but I'll do my best to stay near a computer today and interact with y'all as much as possible as you break down and re-build the needs list once again. We've talked about the skill positions extensively, but feel free to continue those discussions here as well. Your list should include seven to eight players. On your marks... get set... go.