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Finalizing Buffalo's Offensive Needs List

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How will the Bills choose to surround Edwards? (

Over the past few days, this vibrant, youthful community of ours has pieced together the makings of a needs list for our Buffalo Bills. We've had several discussions - the most intriguing of which was our WR vs. TE debate - and even though we've had some dissenting opinions, we have successfully formulated a needs list for Buffalo's offense.

This list has taken shape, but it's far from final. This is your last call, folks - before we turn our attentions to the defensive needs list (and ultimately, a comprehensive team needs list), we'll take final arguments against (or for) the status quo in this thread. Feel free to offer feedback on the preliminary final list, make impassioned attempts to get a position moved up the list, or pat yourselves on the back for a job well done to this point.

Here's how the list stacks up currently (I've taken in every list and as many arguments as I could find on the last three threads), with some commentary added:

1. Tight End - Both in discussion and in the poll located on the home page, tight end is still clinging to a slim lead over wide receiver as Buffalo's top priority offensively. The prevailing thought: since Trent Edwards prefers using the tight end, the team needs to provide him with an elite threat at the position.

1a. Wide Receiver - Thanks to several impassioned arguments from readers, wide receiver gets the honorable mention "1a" rank - but there's still more support for tight end. If you're more anxious for a wideout, be sure to vote/comment and get your position moved up.

3. Guard/Center - Concerned with starter Melvin Fowler, to a lesser extent Brad Butler, and to a far greater extent the quartet of Jason Whittle/Duke Preston/Aaron Merz/Christian Gaddis, interior offensive line depth is sorely needed.

4. Fullback - Apparently, y'all think (and I agree) that recently signed Darian Barnes isn't the answer. While a nice stop-gap measure, a young developmental fullback may be added later on in the draft.

5. Offensive Tackle - Top reserve Kirk Chambers doesn't get a great vote of confidence from the community, and Langston Walker's hefty contract - plus the fact that he's 28, and size ages quickly - means that a prospect should be added in what is a deep draft class at this position.

6. Wide Receiver - A second wideout makes this list for two reasons. One - if the first WR slot on this list is filled with a veteran free agent, it would be a good idea to add a 3rd-5th round rookie that could eventually take the place of said veteran. Two - with the contract status of Lee Evans up in the air, it may take two new wideouts to make sure that enough talent is stockpiled in the event that Evans walks after '08.

7. Quarterback - Quarterback receives lowest priority at this point; that will change if J.P. Losman is traded. Right now, a very low draft pick or a cheap free agent could be added to compete with Gibran Hamdan.

Have at it, folks. Again, this is your last chance to tweak the list before we add in the defense - so if you don't have an account and are itching to share something with us, create a free one and let's hear it!