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Bills News, Sans GM/Offensive Coordinator Updates

Anybody getting the impression that the Bills don't have a clue who they're going to hire as the team's new GM? It has now been over a week since the resignation of Marv Levy became public; since that time, the only concrete evidence of progress that we have on the search is that Ralph Wilson came to Buffalo for some meetings. It's not that I doubt the team is strategizing behind closed doors; it's that I'm restless. The other teams with vacancies - most notably Atlanta - are interviewing candidates left and right. And we have no news. I'm irritated - if the lack of news doesn't mean we're promoting the GM in-house, I'll be even more irritated.

Same deal for offensive coordinator. I think it's pretty obvious at this point that Dick Jauron is going to be a part of this organization for the foreseeable future; where is the news of rumored candidates heading to Buffalo for an interview? We've already seen desperation from St. Louis and San Francisco, as they've actively pursued the big names (Martz and Cameron); all we've gotten is that Jauron has some names he "feels pretty good about". Oye. Make some news, Buffalo!

Nice read about Buffalo's excellent punt coverage units, who finished this season ranked #1 in the NFL in yards allowed per return. You have to give it to Bobby April - I, for one, was completely unaware that both John Wendling and Justin Jenkins had never been gunners before. They looked like old pros out there, and will probably be the front-runners to hold down the positions again next season.

Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News has a nice recap of the best and worst from the 2007 season. (We beat him to the punch.)

Mike Catalana - one of my favorite local reporters (hey, I grew up watching him on WHAM 13) - shares the same concerns I do about some of Buffalo's young veterans, most notably Schobel and Evans.

And finally, good ol' Connor Byrne has a nice piece about the genius that was the Willis McGahee trade. Good stuff, Connor.