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Ow. My Pride.

I probably shouldn't be surprised about this - and there's a high likelihood very few of you are - but this has been a bad week to be a Bills fan. For about half of a given calendar year (March, April, September-December), that's been run of the mill - the Bills haven't made the playoffs for eight seasons; haven't even come close most of the time. But nothing has happened this week, other than the retirement of our offensive line coach. It's hard to fathom how it's been a bad week considering the lack of substantial news, but it has. Amazing.

Put aside the fact that the Bills have been without an offensive coordinator or a GM for two weeks, and have done little (publicly, at least) to rectify the situation. We've discussed that here before, and it certainly has been a factor in this hellish week. But do you know what's worse? Seeing headlines like this:

You can call Buckeyes The Buffalo Bills
Like NFL team, Ohio State gaining reputation for failing in big game
It's an unfortunate comparison, but an accurate one. During the 1990s, the Bills had one of the greatest runs in NFL history. But they will be remembered for losing in the big game.

So will the Buckeyes (11-2), who have fallen twice in the Big Game, both losses coming as the No. 1-ranked team and the outright Big Ten Conference winner.

Right. Because the fact that Ohio State got blown out in two straight college championship games makes them exactly like the early-90s Bills, who I will painfully remind the naive lost four straight Super Bowls. I don't usually get riled up about these things - let's face it, as a Bills fan, I've heard my beloved Bills at the butt end of those types of jokes for close to two decades - but come on. Ohio State? A team that got blown out in two championships - one they should have won, and one where they shouldn't have been in the game in the first place? Those accomplishments don't come close to comparing with those Super Bowl Bills teams - whether you're talking about accolades or tragic defeats. Give us a break - Buffalo clearly outstrips OSU in both categories.

(I will admit, however, that it's nice to have a fan base who can at least commiserate with what we've gone through for the better part of two decades. I'm not forgetting, however, the fact that we already share that bond with Vikings fans. They, too, are our blood brothers.)

Hey! Look! Another crappy headline!

Don't remind Buffalo Bills fans of their sad anniversary today. The club hasn't been to the playoffs since the Music City Miracle

Seriously, that's the headline. Not only does it make me cringe as a Bills fan, it makes me cringe as a current journalism student. Eight words or less, Rob Longley!

Fair to assume no one who cares about the Buffalo Bills will find cause to celebrate this anniversary. But it was eight years ago today in Nashville at what was then known as Adelphia Coliseum that the Bills most recently contested a playoff game.

You know what is absolutely perplexing about this article? Like, we're talking really dumbfounding? This article appears in the Toronto Sun. Yes, folks, the same Toronto that in the very near future will be hosting two Bills games a year in the confines of their fine city. Are you kidding me? It's bad journalism, random factoids and horrible PR rolled up into one vomit-inducing package! Hot off the press! Seriously, why not just use what most people who read this article thought as the headline next time:

Read this, then mock Bills fans all day
Oh yeah - they're not worth watching when they come up here, either.

Eight words or less, Longley. I follow the rules. I look forward to seeing your PR piece about the Bills at a later date. (In all fairness, I'm probably just being bitter.)

Yes, I may just be a bitter Bills fan that is sick of both hearing about those teams, and waiting for the success of those teams to be replicated. Until something actually happens with the current version of the Bills, however, this is the crap news we're stuck with.

Ow. My pride.