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More food for the "Gonzalez to Buffalo" lobbyists

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Edwards, Bills face critical four-game stretch (Getty Images)

Trade rumors surrounding Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez are running rampant, and the idea of adding a future Hall of Fame player to a position that has long been a weakness in Buffalo is leading to tantalizing daydreams of Bills fans everywhere.  You're all acutely aware that Buffalo has been mentioned as a possible landing spot for Gonzalez, and we've discussed the topic frequently over the past several days.

It tends to be forgotten, but the Bills themselves were shopping one of their own earlier this season, according to reports.  No, it wasn't CB Ashton Youboty, and it's safe to say that the corner isn't going anywhere.  Instead, it was DT John McCargo, a 2006 first-round draft pick that is currently the team's fourth defensive tackle.

Brainwave!  How appealing would a young player with talent like McCargo be to a rebuilding Chiefs team?  I asked that very question of primetime07, one of a number of authors over at  Could McCargo be worked into a potential trade for Gonzalez?  It's not something I'm advocating, but curiosity got the better of me.  Below, my logic to primetime07 is revealed, and his response follows.  Just some food for thought, since this potential trade is what everyone wants to discuss today...

Yours Truly: The Bills reportedly tried to trade DT John McCargo, a former first round pick, earlier this off-season.  He's struggled with consistency and drive, but when he's on, he's been very good.  He might benefit from a change of scenery, as he's currently buried behind veterans Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson, along with fellow 2006 draftee Kyle Williams.

How interested do you think the Chiefs would be in a player like McCargo?  He's a quick, athletic DT that fits well with what Herm Edwards likes to do defensively.  He's only 25 years old and has 3 years left on his contract; the most he'll make in a given season is $835K.  He's young enough to fit in well with the Chiefs' rebuilding plans, and from my end, there has to be some appeal for a future interior tandem of Glenn Dorsey and John McCargo in KC.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on McCargo's role in a potential trade for Tony Gonzalez, and on whether or not the Chiefs would be interested in the first place.

primetime07, Arrowhead Pride: The Chiefs would unlikely be interested in McCargo with regards to the potential Tony Gonzalez trade.  Last year we spent a third round pick on DT - Tank Tyler - who was admittedly a little disappointing in his rookie campaign.  However, he has stepped up his game in a big way this season and is turning out to be one of the more pleasant surprises along the line.  Dorsey is a rookie, but we all expect him to come along very nicely.

So, as far as starting DTs go, we like the ones we've got.

In addition to that, our line is currently composed of 2 first-round picks (Tamba Hali and Glenn Dorsey), a second rounder (Turk McBride) and a third rounder (Tyler).  The addition of McCargo would be a lot to put into an area that isn't our biggest need.  What we're really looking for is a pass rushing DE.

The Chiefs are likely looking at draft picks or bust with Tony Gonzalez.  McCargo is intriguing but we have much bigger worries on this team.


Bummer.  Not that I was thinking Gonzalez-for-McCargo straight up (what kind of a blogger would I be if I had such insipid thoughts?), but if you're trading a future Hall of Fame tight end that's regarded as the best player at his position of all time, you might as well get some talent in return.  I wouldn't be averse to dealing McCargo, and if - at a minimum - his presence in a deal for Gonzalez lowers the asking price of the draft pick in question, I'd be for it in most situations.

Alas, primetime07's thoughts make too much sense.  Time to put to bed the notion that any Bills player - whether it's McCargo, J.P. Losman or Fred Jackson (ha!) - will appear in any deal for Gonzalez.  I thought it was a good idea; alas, I've been wrong plenty.