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Bills/Jets: Opponent History

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Buffalo Bills (5-2) vs New York Jets (4-3)
Sunday, October 2, 2008 1PM EST

I'm going to use the same format this week for the New York Jets as I did last week, (last 3 years instead of last 5 games) and we'll hope for better results out of the Bills this week. Let me just say, however, after watching the Jets play the Raiders and Chiefs the past two weeks, I feel much more confident playing at the Ralph this week, than I did last week. Anyway, the history...

October 16, 2005: Bills 27, Jets 17 (in Buffalo)
Starting QBs in this game; Vinny Testaverde for the Jets and Kelly Holcomb for the Bills, (was this only 3 years ago?).  Holcomb wins the match-up finishing the day 18-26 for 172 yards with two scores and two picks, compared to Vinnie's 12-26 for 161 yards, 1TD run and 2 picks. Johnathan "Freddie" Smith caught a TD pass in this one.

January 1, 2006: Jets 30, Bills 26 (in New York/New Jersey)
A game that I attended! Yet another memorable QB match-up; this time it's Holcomb taking on Brooks Bollinger.  Willis McGahee runs for over 100 yards (113) against the Jets yet again.  The Bills take the lead on a 36 yard Rian Lindell field goal, and yours truly (powered by a few over priced beers) begins to talk smack, only to get shut up 15 seconds later as Justin Miller returns the ensuing kick-off 95 yards for the win, and a long walk back to the car.

September 24, 2006: Jets 28, Bills 20 (in Buffalo)
Willis runs for 150 and J.P. throws for 328, tosses 1 TD and runs for another, but the Bills lose 2 fumbles, 1 of which is returned 32 yards by Victor Hobson for a TD, and the Bills fall at home to the Jets.

December 10, 2006: Bills 31, Jets 13 (in Jersey)
J.P. Losman hits Lee Evans for a 77 yard TD score, and for the second time in '06 Willis runs for over 100 yards in a game against the Jets (his only two 100 yard games that year).  This time, however, it's the Bills with the defensive score - Nate Clements' 58-yard pick 6 helps seal the win for the Bills.

September 30, 2007: Bills 17, Jets 14 (in Buffalo)
This was Trent Edwards' first career start, and his first win. A gutsy call on a 4th and 1 ends in Edwards' first career TD pass, a 1 yard toss to Micheal Gains.  The Bills D holds on to get the W. Rumblings recap.

October 28, 2007: Bills 13, Jets 3 (in Jersey)
An ugly, ugly, ugly game. Trent gets hurt late and J.P. steps in and throws one up for grabs that Lee Evans wrestles away from the Jets defenders for a 85 yard pass and catch to seal the win for the Bills. Rumblings recap.

One last side note; One of the fun parts about doing these recaps is to look into the Rumblings archives, and finding some of the better stories in there; if you've got the time check some of it out. Good stuff, like this, and this one, one of the best comment sections ever. I know Krytime will enjoy it.