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Bills Notes: Injuries, Gripes and Hall of Famers

Originally, I had planned our usual "interview the enemy" segment this morning, in which we talk Bills/Jets with bloggers of that hated green team.  I'm delaying it for now because there is a ton of great reading material out there this morning in regards to the Buffalo Bills, their players and the upcoming game.  That doesn't happen often.  Let's get to it.

Brlogo_medium   Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News talks injuries.  Specifically, he talks Josh Reed's injury.  It's a good read, but I'm more intrigued about two things in the article: the comments of Roscoe Parrish, and the fact that nothing was mentioned about banged up CB Ashton Youboty.

Brlogo_medium   We revisit Gaughan to discuss the fact that Duke Preston may now be the team's permanent starter at center.  I'm sure many of you are intrigued by this.  I'll wait to hear what Ron from NM thinks this weekend before I pass judgment.

Brlogo_medium   Jerry Sullivan does Kurupt a favor by taking public the Bills' need for a pass rush.  This is pretty much the position of the bandwagon that K has been leading for two years.  Sully doesn't say anything too profound here, but I'm sure many of you will use this as a launching point for your own thoughts.

Brlogo_medium   Is Jason Peters slipping?  That's a question that John Wawrow answers with everything short of a resounding "yes".  Anyone out there still irritated by Peters' comments, even if they're mostly true?

Brlogo_medium   This is a nice read on Keith Ellison, Buffalo's most underappreciated defender.  There's some erroneous reporting here (Kawika Mitchell hasn't played a snap at strong side linebacker since he was here, folks), but it's a good article nonetheless.

Brlogo_medium   Scouts, Inc. has its scouting report for the upcoming Bills/Jets game up.  It's pretty accurate, though, clearly, I'd contend that they're wrong in giving the Jets advantages in a few positional categories.  For those of you who don't have Insider access, I'll kill the anticipation: Scouts predicts a final score of Bills 28, Jets 23.  I'd take it.

Brlogo_medium   We're not done with Scouts, who name the Bills as one of four teams staring through a glorious window of opportunity.  Apparently, the Cardinals, Falcons and Packers are right there with us - and I'd have a hard time arguing that.

Brlogo_medium   BRUUUUUUUUUUCE.  Former Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith - the NFL's all-time leading sack artist, with 200 career take-downs - headlines a first-year Hall of Fame potential class that includes former greats Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe and Steelers DB Rod Woodson.  That's a heck of a trio right there.