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Bills Notes: Poz, Trent and Schobel Edition

This is what we're forced to do when the Buffalo Bills are heading toward a bye week: link dump posts.  This isn't your ordinary link dump, however; we've actually got some fascinating and interesting stuff to pass your way this afternoon.  On to the Bills news!

Brlogo_medium   I know that there are a ton of Paul Posluszny fans out there - I'm admittedly and unashamedly one of them - and, as such, I thought it prudent to ask you to check out Poz's brand new website!  Poz writes a journal each week, answers your questions and has some great stuff in his online store!  Be sure to sign up on his site so you can get up to date information on upcoming autograph signings involving Poz, the next of which takes place on November 15.

Brlogo_medium   Speaking of brand new websites, the Bills themselves have rolled out a shiny new  Obviously I'm a bit biased, but boy, do I think that structure is an improvement.  The home ship looks fantastic.

Brlogo_medium   Yes, QB Trent Edwards has started missing practices as he recovers from his concussion.  Langston Walker, however, gives us some great perspective as to how the quarterback is doing:

"He was a little woozy but his hair was perfect," tackle Langston Walker said of his conversation with Edwards. "That’s one thing. If Trent’s hair was off, I’d be worried. But his hair was on point."

Brlogo_medium   Meanwhile, Sal Maiorana of the Democrat and Chronicle very astutely points out that J.P. Losman isn't completely at fault for the team's offensive struggles in Arizona.  Maiorana is right - the offense has been good, but it needs to be better.

Brlogo_medium   Aaron Schobel made his "it's about more than just sacks" speech again yesterday.  I've defended Schobel in the past and still believe he's an excellent player, but come on, Aaron - you just got handled by Mike Gandy.  Mike. Gandy.  That's not going to fly.

Brlogo_medium   If you're looking for some good non-Bills reading this afternoon, Stampede Blue has you covered.  BigBlueShoe, SB Nation's Colts blogger, recently held an in-depth conversation with former NFL offensive lineman Tony Mandarich.  It's a high-quality read about a pretty interesting former player; transcript is here if you're interested.