The players seem to be getting fed up

Here's a nice article that pretty much hits the nail on the head for what this team is.


Now this pretty much describes everything I find wrong with Dick Jauron:

On the Patriots' first drive (the Bills had gone three-and-out on the game's opening possession), they faced a second-and-6 from the Buffalo 38. Matt Cassel found receiver Wes Welker streaking toward the sideline. A 21-yard completion was the call but, clearly, Welker stepped out of bounds before making the catch. Clearly.

So, Jauron mulls it, gets information on his headset, mulls it again and then barely tosses his red challenge flag onto the field. The next Patriots play is close to starting. Jauron and his staff and his players stand there. They begin to wave. No urgency. Patriots snap it. Ludicrous.

"I guess I need to run out on the field in that instance," Juaron said afterward.

EXACTLY what the problem is.  The guy is just too even keeled to be a successful head coach.  I can't think of another HC in the NFL that would so lamely try to challenge such an obvious call.  Even the other quiet, stoic type coaches in Dungy, Reid, Smith, etc would be up in arms about that.  You think you could make the effort of running out onto the field there, coach??

They did not look like a team that came to beat New England. Only one that came to hang around.

Yup, that's pretty much a good description of the Dick Jauron Bills against good teams.

The Buffalo defense expected the New England offense to play the game on the perimeter, with quick outside screens. But the Patriots countered with a gut-attack and kept piercing a soft Bills middle. The Patriots confused Edwards with their multiple formations and techniques, forcing him into two interceptions. They also expected Buffalo to keep running the football left behind tackle Jason Peters and guard Derrick Dockery. Buffalo did. New England was ready. Marshawn Lynch did not produce a run of longer than 8 yards. Buffalo finished with only 60 rushing yards.

I hope that first part isn't true, because the Pats have been working the underneath middle all season.  Of course they were going to attack our soft middle, just like every other team does.  And the predictable run game says "Hi!".

And maybe most damning:

"We need an attitude adjustment," Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell said. "I just think it's an attitude thing. We've got the ability to make a run. But first, we have to make a change. Get aggressive and play with a little more fire."

There it is.  The players talking about having no fire and not playing aggressive.  This is absolutely a direct correlation with coaching.  I don't know how anyone can argue against that.  No urgency, no aggression, no fire, no passion.  These players don't simply lose it when they come to the Bills, they start taking after their coach.



I'm sorry for this overly negative post, but after watching a number of other games today, I'm just fed up with Jauron.  Mike Singletary would tell us that we can't win with him.  I watched the Colts smack the Steelers in the mouth, giving them a taste of their own medicine.  The Giants went out and stuck it to Philly in the Linc.  Baltimore plays with an attitude. Yeah, those teams are proven winners, but that's because they have the attitude that they are going to go out and make the opposition play to them.  We need to develop that attitude in the worst way.  This is a team from Buffalo, not some fun in the sun city like SD or whatever.  This team should be able to play with the same attitude the city collar, tough, take no crap from no one, etc.  Instead, they play exactly like Jauron coaches.  It's so frustrating to watch the same garbage over and over out of this team. 


Ahh well, what can we do?




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