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Bills vs Browns: Opponent History

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Buffalo Bills (5-4)  vs Cleveland Browns (3-6)
Monday, November 17, 2008 8:30PM EST

First, a little history: the Bills have played the Cleveland Browns 14 times in their history, including the playoffs. Nine of them have been in Cleveland, and the Browns have won 9 of the 14 contests. This is also the second time the Bills have played the Browns on Monday Night Football.

Second, a little nostalgia for some of you perhaps: looking over the box scores for some of these game, particularly the '87 game, I couldn't help but see some players' names and be reminded of Tecmo Bowl. Names like Kosar, Reggie Langhorne, Jeff Jeager, and my personal favorite Webster Slaughter. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who fondly remembers that game.

November 15, 1987: Browns 27, Bills 21
After Mark Kelso returned a fumble 56 yards for a score to give the Bills an 7-3 lead, the Browns rattled off 24 straight  points and held on for the win. Bernie Kosar threw for 346 yards and two scores, one each to Langhorne and Slaughter. Jim Kelly connected on two TD passes of his own in the fourth quarter, but it wasn't enough and the Bills fell in Cleveland.

November 4, 1990: Bills 42, Browns 0
The Bills got revenge on the team that knocked them out of the playoffs the year before by trouncing the Browns in Cleveland. Thurman Thomas scored 3 TDs (2 rushing, and 1 receiving) and Darryl Talley returned an interception 60 yards for a score as the Bills rolled.

October 2, 1995 (MNF): Bills 22, Browns 19
This one turned into a field goal fest, with Steve Christie (3) and Matt Stover (4) taking center stage. The difference is that Jim Kelly threw 2 TD passes, 1 each to Justin Armour and Andre Reed. The Bills offense out-gained the Browns offense 406-294. Sigh.  Remember what an offense looked like?

December 12, 2004: Bills 37, Browns 7
What a day for the defense! This has to be one of, if not the most dominant defensive efforts ever by the Bills. The Bills sacked Luke McCown and Jeff Garcia a total of 8 times, which led to -12 Cleveland passing yards. Add in the whopping 29 rushing yards for the Browns and the Bills allowed 17 yards of offense TOTAL, that's for the game. The Bills, meanwhile, rushed for 215 yards and got 2 rushing touchdowns from Willis McGahee, and 1 from Shaud Williams.

December 16, 2007: Browns 8, Bills 0
The "Blizzard Game" from last year.  You remember, the one that started a 3 game slide to end the season and eliminated the Bills from the playoffs. Jamal Lewis put the Browns on his back to the tune of 163 yards rushing. The Bills' offense, on the other hand, does almost nothing except a single long run by Marshawn Lynch, that didn't result in any points.  And of course on the final play of the game, with the Bills attempting to tie it up... well, you know.  We don't miss S F-M for a reason.  Right?  Rumblings recap.