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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Rumblers.

Let's keep this short.  Y'all are awesome, and make what I do here every day highly rewarding, if still a little time-consuming.  To toss out a Thanksgiving cliche, I'm thankful that you guys and gals make Buffalo Rumblings a daily stop of yours as you scour the Internet for Buffalo Bills-related discussions.  It means a lot.

Some praise needs to be put out into the either for Kurupt and sireric, too - their contributions to the community are just as valuable as mine.  So if you feel the need to get all holiday-thankful and stuff like that, heap it on these two as well.

We'll have more Bills coverage coming your way starting bright and early tomorrow, including another visit from Fooch at Niners Nation, some film review (finally!) of our win over the Chiefs, and more pre-game musings as we prepare to beat San Francisco.

Until then, however, have a safe, relaxing and belt-expanding Thanksgiving, folks.