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Bills vs 49ers: Open Game Thread

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Buffalo Bills (6-5) vs San Francisco 49ers (3-8)1PM EST, Ralph Wilson Stadium
Keys to Victory :: Key Matchups :: Niners Nation :: Video Preview
BUF Injury Report :: SF Injury Report
Bills inactives: TE Royal, DE Schobel, LB Lehman, CB Greer, S Whitner, OT Bell, DE Bryan, 3rd QB Hamdan.

OK, Rumblers. Y'all know the drill. The Buffalo Bills are set to take on the San Francisco 49ers today in a must-win game, and if you're not joining me to cheer on the Bills at The Ralph, then this is the spot you'll want to be to chat during the game. I don't need to tell you that if the Bills can't find a way to win this one, the season is all but over - at least in all the meaningful ways. It's a big one; get jacked up. The team's going to need it.

If you have an account, have fun. If you don't have an account, create one, then have fun. GO BILLS!

Buffalo Bills - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.9 306.8 (20th) 207.2 (13th) 99.6 (21st)
Def 21.8 312.0 (16th) 202.4 (16th) 109.6 (20th)

San Francisco 49ers - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 22.9 314.4 (23rd) 212.5 (15th) 101.9 (24th)
Def 28.2 347.7 (23rd) 243.9 (29th) 103.8 (15th)