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Bills at Patriots: Opponent History

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Buffalo Bills (5-3) at New England Patriots (5-3)
Sunday, November 9, 1:00 PM EST - Gillette Stadium

I think that we all know that the Buffalo Bills' record against the New England Patriots over the last decade has been brutal. This week I'm going to recap the last five times the Bills have visited Foxboro. If you are a masochist and love to torture yourself, read on. If you don't want get yourself depressed, stop reading now; I won't hold it against any of you if you choose not to relive any of this.

2003: Patriots 31, Bills 0
After beating the Pats 31-0 in Buffalo in the season opener, the Patriots got revenge in the season finale by beating the Bills by the same score. The Bills committed 4 turnovers (2 interceptions and 2 fumbles) and 10 penalties; need I say more? Ugly game, and the Bills packed the season in early in this one.

2004: Patriots 29, Bills 6
Not much good to report here, either. The Patriots out-gained the Bills 428 to 125. That's right: the Bills had 125 yards total for the game.  5 turnovers didn't help the Bills' cause in this one.  On a good note, Johnathan "Freddie" Smith returned a punt 70 yards for a TD; the Bills then failed on a 2-point conversion.

2005: Patriots 21, Bills 16
The Bills were leading 16-3 until almost half way through the fourth quarter in this one. Corey Dillon then promptly scored two touchdowns on one-yard plunges for the Pats, sealing their comeback win. The Bills committed another 12 penalties and 2 more turnovers; unsurprisingly, it equaled another Bills loss.

2006: Patriots 19, Bills 17
This was a close game again this time, and was also the first regular season game the Bills played under current coach Dick Jauron.  The Bills led 17-7 at the half but got shut out the rest of the way.  What's worse?  The game winning score was a Ty Warren sack of J.P. Losman for a safety.

2007: Patriots 38, Bills 7
Vince Wilfork took out J.P. Losman with what he now admits was a dirty hit.  Enter Trent Edwards to make his pro debut. (Makes you wonder, if not for that hit, how different would last year have turned out? Better? Worse?)  Oh yeah, New England piled up 485 yards of total offense, and some jerk named Brady tosses 4 touchdown passes. Rumblings recap.

Here is hoping for some better luck against these guys.  Looking back over the last few meetings it is very obvious that the Bills need to hold onto the ball and limit penalties.  In short, do what Brian said.