Q&A With MaPatsFan

Hello Rumblings faithful,

MaPatsFan here from Pats Pulpit.  The first of our 2 matchups is around the corner and here we are in a 3 way tie with New York at 5-3.  Whooda thunk?  Wacky.  Speaking of wacky, did y'all know Tom Brady's out?  Oh, stupid question.

From an injury perspective, we've seen lots of churn here in Chowdah Land.  RB Laurence Maroney was IR'd as well as SS Rodney Harrison.  Backup RB Sammy Morris has been out for a few games and RB LaMont Jordan has been absent, too.

Looking at the receiver corp, WR Randy Moss has been forced into a somewhat diminished role as backup QB Matt Cassel gains confidence.  Randy is running WAY more inside routes which scares me to death.  He's lanky and doesn't have the footwork nor nimbleness of a Wes Welker; he's a prime target for an LB to lay him out.  Speaking of Cassel, Matt is coming along nicely.  He's working the pocket much better than at the beginning of the year and making better decisions about his receivers.  Lately, I've been pleased with his performance.  He is sticking with higher percentage options and slants, but that's to be expected of a "new" quarterback.

Strategically, NE runs a fairly standard 3-4 defense, but will mix it up when necessary.  During obvious passing situations, you will see a nickel package structured 2-4-5.  We've had a rotating "see how they do" crop of CBs, but our young LBs are coming along nicely.  ILB and first round pick Jerod Mayo is awesome and UFA Gary Guyton is doing great.

All for now, folks.  I'll check back often so fire away.

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