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Bills at Jets: Opponent History

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Buffalo Bills (6-7) vs New York Jets (8-5)

Sunday December 14, 2008 1PM EST
New Jersey, Meadowlands

In a luck changing attempt, I will personally attend this game. That's right - when the Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets this week I will walk straight into the lion's den, holding my nose the entire time, (anybody who has been to the Meadowlands knows about the smell to which I refer), all in an attempt to change the luck for this team. Side Note: If it works I will gladly take any tickets for remaining games that you guys will send my way. I'll make that sacrifice for the team. If any of you fine Bills fans are at this game and pass by section 338, row 1 and want to visit for a bit, I will gladly throw my uncle out of his chair so we can sit and chat for a time. He's a Jets fan anyway.

Back on October 29th I recapped the last three years worth of Bills/Jets games. Link is here.

November 2, 2008: Jets 26, Bills 17
The Bills were up 7-6 early on the strength of a Trent Edwards to Derek Fine TD and were on their way to yet another score when Trent felt the heat from Kris Jenkins (a popular theme that day) and threw an errant pass that was picked off by Abram Elam and returned 92 yards for a score. The Jets never looked back. Brett Favre did his best to keep the Bills in the game with a pick-6 of his own, with Jabari Greer doing the honors on a 42 yard TD. Kris Jenkins absolutely manhandled the Bills' interior linemen and almost single-handedly kept the Bills to a pathetic 30 yards rushing on the day. The Bills' tigh tends had a nice day with Fine finishing with 4 catches for 43 yards and the aforementioned score, and Robert Royal collecting 5 catches for 70 yards. Brian's very unhappy recap.

The Bills are out of the playoffs again, but they absolutely have to win this game. Going 0-6 in the division is totally unacceptable; they have to win at least one division game, and I don't like the chances of them having to beat Bill Belichek in order to do that. C'mon Bills, win this one! Regain some respect and show some damn pride!