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Open Thread: Is Trent Edwards still "the guy"?

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Trent Edwards

#5 / Quarterback / Buffalo Bills



Oct 30, 1983


We haven't had a mid-week open thread in quite some time; today's as good a day as any to end that trend. My question to you this morning, Buffalo Bills fans and Buffalo Rumblings faithful, is this: do you still consider QB Trent Edwards to be "the guy" to lead us into a hopefully bright future of Bills football?

Seven weeks ago, if I had posed this question, it would have been the most boring and anti-climactic open thread in the history of open threads. At that time, the Bills were 5-1, Edwards was the fourth-ranked passer in the league, and quite frankly, we were drooling over the kid's potential. Since that time, the Bills are 1-6, Edwards has struggled mightily and been injured, and well, nothing seems to be certain with this franchise anymore.

Passing Rushing Sacks
G Rating Comp Att Pct Yds Y/G Y/A TD INT Rush Yds Y/G Avg TD Sack YdsL
2008 - Trent Edwards 12 85.1 214 324 66.0 2378 198.2 7.3 10 10 30 87 7.2 2.9 3 20 125

With the coaching situation up in the air - Dick Jauron is clearly on the hot seat, at least in the court of public opinion, anyway - and Edwards struggling, it's anything but certain that the second-year signal caller will be Buffalo's starter in 2009. The Bills are 11-10 in the 21 games Edwards has started in his brief career, but as we know, there are many more reasons the Bills have struggled besides Edwards. In fact, for a second-year quarterback that was a third-round pick out of Stanford, his numbers a largely excellent, especially in the areas of completion percentage and yards per attempt.

So this is your spot to sound off on our kid quarterback. Is he the guy to lead us into the future? You be the judge.

My take? I'm behind the kid 100%. Yeah, he's struggled, but he's also been very good at times, too. You take the good with the bad when your quarterback is as young as Edwards is, and there's been more than enough good out of Edwards for me to believe that he should be this team's starter next season - new coach or not. The most telling stat to me? Edwards has dropped back to pass 344 times this year and been sacked 20 times. That means that he's gotten the ball out on 94.2% of his throws. Meanwhile, J.P. Losman has dropped back 77 times and gotten the ball off 65 times - the ball's out 84.4% of the time with Losman. I know I'm comparing Edwards to our favorite whipping boy here, but that's a very telling statistic.

So yes. I'm steadfastly behind Edwards. Are you?