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Organizational shake up coming in Buffalo?

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Well, it's finally happened, Rumblers.  We've gotten our first article of the off-season (let's not kid ourselves, it's the off-season) proclaiming that Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson is on the verge of shaking things up with our Bills.  The article comes courtesy of the "The Way We Hear It..." section of Pro Football Weekly.

Let's dig in and discuss, shall we?

Ralph Wilson can’t take it anymore. That’s the belief of many in Buffalo, who anticipate the Bills’ 90-year-old owner will be giving the ax to coach Dick Jauron after the season.

Hold your applause, because "That's the belief of many in Buffalo" could be referencing anybody - even us.  Still, PFW can hardly be considered illegitimate, especially considering the following...

Club sources say Jauron recognizes his fate, as his customarily even-keeled persona has dipped into more of a demeanor of resignation.

Well, I mean, he might be a bit resigned because his team's lost six of seven; then again, that stretch could very well cost him his job.  Plus, I'm always wary of the "club sources" bit, even if I've written the same words myself.  I have the bias of knowing what I was writing was true, at least from the source's point of view; I'd hope we can believe the same here.

Hang on, though - it gets even more interesting.

Changes might not stop with Jauron... Wilson has cast an envious eye toward the job Bills Parcells has done in his first year as the Dolphins’ executive VP of football operations, molding a roster that was 1-15 in 2007 to the brink of the postseason in ’08. He may be looking for his own Parcells.

You know, in my mind, there's only one guy out there - and that's just in theory - that rivals Parcells in terms of clout, and that man is Bill Cowher.  As I've repeated ad nauseam this week - good luck with that one, Ralph.  But the "lack of talent" comments Ralph has made was, in fact, pointing an accusatory finger at the front office folks, as the article alludes to.  Anyone else think we might be heading for a second straight year of restructuring the front office?

However, a change in the front office doesn’t appear to be as imminent as a coaching change, in part due to Wilson’s fear of appointing another Tom Donahoe, the Bills’ GM from 2001-05.

Yep - we discussed that at length yesterday.  We discussed GM candidates slightly less than a year ago after Marv Levy's resignation, and lo and behold, one of those guys got the job - sort of; the in-house guy, aptly named Guy.  (As a side note, one man on that list was a favorite of mine - Tom Dimitroff, who has now assumed the title of Midas in Atlanta.)  Last time I checked, Bill Cowher is both outside the organization and a guy who would require more than just coaching power to be lured to Buffalo; it seems to scream "Ralph won't touch this!", but apparently, PFW thinks in time, we'll see if that's true for ourselves.

To me, I'm not taking this article with a great deal of authority, though it'll certainly brighten the days of folks who wouldn't mind seeing this thing blown up and rebuilt - again.  I'm more of a "roll with change as it happens" guy, and obviously, the change hasn't happened yet.  Take a gander at the article and leave your thoughts below - it's certain to, at the very least, bring up some good discussion, eh?