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Bills/Jets: Keys to a Bills Victory

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Buffalo Bills (6-7) at New York Jets (8-5)

Sunday December 14, 2008 1PM EST
New Jersey, Meadowlands

It's hard trying to put this together without completely mailing it in. This season is d-u-n done and how much fun is it trying to write about a lost cause? Anyways, here's what the Bills need to do to win, but likely won't:

Run away from Kris Jenkins: Jenkins absolutely destroyed Puke Preston in the first matchup and I fully expect the same to occur Sunday. We need to effectively run it off-tackle and outside this week because Jenkins will control the interior. Teams have begun to have some success running on the Jets lately, so it'd be nice if the Bills stuck to the run and were able to do the same. Turk, you listening? Doubt it...

Just try getting it to Evans: I truly thought that JP Losman would be going deep to Lee Evans early and often last week, but it obviously didn't happen. I can't even recall an attempt. There was one to Roscoe Parrish, but none to Evans. We might as well as least try to play to Losman's strengths. It can't get any worse than last week, can it?

Score some TDs: Even if we don't win, I just want to see the offense reach the endzone again. I'm sick of watching a stagnant, overmatched offense put up 3 points a week. We can't go 3 straight games without a touchdown, right? I had a feeling that once we hit 50 against the Chiefs, that we had wasted some TDs for the rest of the year. That turned out to be the truth.

Shut down the short passing game: The Jets rely on the short passing game. Brett Favre and his receivers do their best work underneath, and this is an area where we got killed in the first matchup. Lately, teams have been shutting down this aspect of the Jets offense and they've really struggled as a result. I hope we can do the same, but we've been hoping for this all season. Some turnover would be nice...

Don't get burned by Leon: Leon Washington always seems to have a big play or two against us. That dang screen pass is the bane of my existence. Again if we don't win, fine, I just don't want to see this guy go off on us.

Begin building some momentum for next year: As lame as it sounds... I'd much rather go into the off-season on a winning streak or at least off some good performances. Dick Jauron's teams have finished a combined 0-5 the past two seasons when the playoffs where at least in sight. It'd be nice if his team could actually finish strong for once. I don't know if it will have any impact on next year, but it might, so play well guys!

Play the young guys: Since the season is shot there's no reason to keep playing some of the veterans that we know so well. I want to see the young guys get a chance to prove what they are capable of. These final three games I would love to see an increase in playing time for Derek Fine, Derek Schouman, Demetrius Bell, Xavier Omon, Steve Johnson, James Hardy, Gibran Hamdan (!), John Wendling, Chris Ellis, Reggie Corner, Leo McKelvin and so on. What good is it not seeing what these guys might be able to offer in bigger roles. Some of these guys will need to step up big time next year, so let's get their feet wet now and let them take their bumps and bruises now.

Don't embarrass yourselves: Consecutive games putting up just a FG against the likes of San Francisco and Miami is simply embarrassing. How about this team man up and start playing like an NFL team for once? We're all ticked off by the quality of play this team is putting out on the field. I just want to see the coaches and players show some urgency and come out looking like they care.


I apologize for the quality of this post. This team disgusts me so much right now! Maybe they'll surprise us this week, but I'm guessing it'll just be another week where they quit and don't really challenge the opposition. Enjoy the game everyone and remember, it's one week closer to the draft....