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Fateful Bills play call is literally unfathomable

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This is Marshawn Lynch. He is awesome. (Associated Press)

Usually, when I do my little blogging thing on Monday mornings, I come in here and try to bring perspective as well as flesh out some talking points. I've had a night to sleep on the Buffalo Bills' latest debacle, and this morning, I can only offer half of the usual formula.

See that young man at the top left of this post? His name is Marshawn Lynch, Bills coaches. He is the hardest-working offensive player that has ever donned a Bills uniform; I'm only 23 years old, and I'm completely comfortable making that statement. Lynch has now played 27 games for this organization, and he's worn his heart on his sleeve each and every time he's taken the field. He is, quite simply, the best player on this Bills team, the most valuable player on this Bills team, and the most consistent and dependable force on this Bills team.

So when I tried to sleep on it and get some perspective on exactly why Buffalo's coaching staff decided it would be more prudent to throw a rollout pass from J.P. Losman to Corey McIntyre as we were icing a win over handing a win to the New York Jets, I failed miserably. Corey McIntyre has been with the team for half a season; Losman is the much-maligned backup quarterback that's mercifully two games away from ending his affiliation with this organization. There's simply no way to sanely fathom why a pass to Corey McIntyre is EVER a more appealing option than handing the ball to "Beast Mode". Give it to the guy who wants to win more than any other player on this team, and let him win the game for you.

Calling that play when it was called is simply over-thinking the situation - and that's on Dick Jauron, which he publicly admitted. More importantly, it's a gigantic middle finger to Lynch, who has exploded for 490 yards (at 5.3 yards per rush!) over the past five games yet has been repeatedly ignored in an eight-game stretch that has seen the Bills go 1-7. Lynch is one of the few bright spots on this team, and yesterday, Buffalo's coaches psychologically slapped the young man across the face. I can't fathom how it feels to be Marshawn Lynch this morning.

As I continue to shake my head, here's what other folks are saying about yesterday's bag of fun:

  Guess what? Buffalo's offensive line blocked the crap out of Kris Jenkins yesterday. Jenkins man-handled the Bills in our Week 9 loss to the Bretts, but was held to just two tackles as the Bills rushed for 187 yards - at well over 5 yards per rush - yesterday. Hell, even Keith Ellison averaged 6 yards per rush!  Tell me again why a pass to Corey McIntyre is a desirable play?

  Jerry Sullivan is back where we all knew he'd be, once again calling for Dick Jauron's head. He asks us how much more of this we can endure; I ask how many times he can write the same article. I'm not arguing the sentiment, just the repetition.  Give us more Ralph Wilson quotes, Jerry!

  Reading J.P. Losman's post-game quotes, it could not be more apparent that the man is desperately trying to uphold his image as his unrestricted free agency looms:

"Certain athletes get this far in their career because they're able to somehow put these games behind them, move on and let's go to the next one. And if you're given another opportunity, you go in there and show them that you have learned from your mistakes. So as a player you just kind of ... can't wait to go out there and show them that you can go in there and actually do this job. That's how the mind-set has to be."

He then went on to describe a football as "funny shaped". So be it. Good riddance, Mr. Losman.

  Sal Maiorana tries to be funny - and I can hardly blame him for the attempt - but it ain't working.

  I've got to give props to Dick Jauron for taking the blame on the final call, especially after Turk Schonert quickly blamed Losman and Losman said he needed to "hold on to the ball there". That's about all in the way of props I'm going to give Dick Jauron this morning. By the way, the latest on his coaching situation: according to Adam Schefter of, Jauron has signed a three-year deal as of Week 8, and if he were to be fired, Ralph Wilson would be monetarily on the hook for those three years. You be the judge about what that means for Jauron's future here.

Monday mornings suck as Bills fans.