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Getting Lynch touches is key for Bills' success

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RB Lynch is third in rushing in AFC (

Attention, Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

See that young man pictured at the top right of this story? Dons the number 23, your colors, wears dreads and gold teeth, and is, quite simply, the hardest-running running back in the NFL? His name is Marshawn Lynch, alias "Beast Mode", and you guys might consider using him more often.

Despite losing a fumble at the end of the first half which directly led to 3 of the San Francisco 49ers' 10 points on Sunday, Lynch enjoyed the best game of his career. Through three quarters, Lynch had carried the ball 15 times, amassed a whopping 133 yards, and was the only Bills offense weapon making plays on the day. Then the fourth quarter rolled around, and with the Bills trailing by just a touchdown, Lynch was primed to put his lackluster team on his shoulders and grind them through to a key win. It's not like he hadn't done it before; trailing 10-2 in Miami in 2007, Lynch scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter to tie the game before the Bills won it. This game had exactly the same feel.

His fourth quarter stat line? 1 carry, 1 yard; 1 catch, 1 yard.

Bills head coach Dick Jauron on Monday said he wished, obviously, that Lynch had touched the ball more. Add Jauron's name to the masses who screamed it all day Sunday from various locales. I don't know what this coaching staff's fascination with spread formations is, but in case you haven't heard, that offense doesn't work in a Buffalo winter. Nor do I know what this coaching staff's fascination with Fred Jackson in short yardage situations is, but for all of the value that Jackson and his versatility bring to this team, he is not a short yardage back. Lynch is your money maker; your chain mover. He's the heartbeat of this Bills team. If there's one thing above all that can be considered the most unacceptable statistic from Sunday's loss, it's the fact that Lynch touched the ball twice with the game on the line. Pathetic.

News flash: the Bills need to win four straight games if they plan on delivering on Donte Whitner's playoff guarantee - and they'll need plenty of help beyond that, as well. You want to increase your chances of winning these games? Scrap the offense. Give it to Lynch, and work the play-action from there. That attack produced 54 points in Kansas City; why that attack went away for the Niners game can be added to the "mysteries of the universe" pile. Lynch is a player that wins football games. Right now, Trent Edwards clearly isn't.

News and Notes

  Biggest shock of your Tuesday morning? Jerry Sullivan wants Dick Jauron fired. What? That's not a surprise? Whoops. My bad.

  Ted Rogers, CEO of Rogers Communications and one of two men behind the Bills in Toronto Series, passed away yesterday at the age of 75. WGR 550 has a nice piece on his legacy, which is far brighter than his famous press conference with our very own Ralph Wilson.

  Jason Peters still isn't a very popular guy, despite the fact that he's returned to his dominant form over the past three games. What if I told you that he wanted to run it more, too? Would you like him then?

  Allen Wilson of The Buffalo News takes an in-depth look at Buffalo's red zone woes, possession by possession. Bring Tums if you're reading.

  Bills fans did naughty things to players as they left the field following Sunday's debacle. Shame on us, naughty Bills fans.

  The prognosis on QB Trent Edwards' groin injury: it's very sore, but he might practice Wednesday. Trent has been struggling, and clearly, he needs to keep playing. Experience is everything for this kid. Here's to the Bills numbing Trent Edwards' groin.

  Matty I from The Phinsider will be here for the rest of the week answering questions about the Dolphins in preparation for this weekend's game. If you feel like defending your Bills in front of a bunch of lunatic Dolphin fans, click here. Just don't go if you can't handle Toronto jokes.