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With Edwards ailing, Losman could start Sunday

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With Edwards ailing, Losman could start (

In last Sunday's lovely loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the big halftime development of the game was QB J.P. Losman filling in for an injured Trent Edwards in the second half. Losman led the offense to just 3 points in a 10-3 loss.

Edwards' groin injury continues to bother him, and it forced him to miss practice Wednesday. With Edwards likely to miss Thursday and Friday's practices as he continues to rehab, the chances that Losman will start this Sunday's matchup with the Miami Dolphins in Toronto have skyrocketed. And folks - it might not be a bad thing.

Hear me out. First, I'm not suggesting another quarterback controversy, nor am I suggesting that this move should have been made long ago, like our favorite imbecile from The Buffalo News. But it's not exactly a secret that Edwards has struggled over the past six games, and those struggles have correlated directly to the team's 1-5 record. Maybe a week off to blow off some steam and get healthy is exactly what Edwards needs. Maybe a week on the sidelines to see things in a different light would be highly beneficial to the ultra-talented second-year quarterback.

For better or worse, this is Edwards' team, and he remains the future of the franchise. But there are other ways to improve besides playing on the field, and as a more prominent point, the Bills clearly need a spark on the field. Maybe Losman can provide that spark. It's more likely that he can't, but honestly, there wasn't a negligible difference between Edwards and Losman in last week's loss to San Francisco (Edwards playing with an injured groin). Get the kid healthy, and give him a week to observe, rather than carry the team. It can be a good thing, and it may not end up being terrible for the Bills' on-field product, either.

So if Losman starts on Sunday? That's great in my book. Here's the caveat: it can't last beyond the second Edwards is healthy again. If it does, this franchise is sucked right back into that vortex of doom that is a quarterback controversy, and that can't happen.

  Speaking of Trent Edwards, despite his recent struggles, his positional coach - Alex Van Pelt - still thinks Trent is going to be a great one. His words of wisdom to Trent? As Mark Gaughan puts it, "...unwavering confidence in the face of adversity is an essential characteristic of a good quarterback."

  Some news to discuss on the injury front: Edwards, Robert Royal, Jabari Greer and Chris Kelsay all missed practice Wednesday, while Teddy Lehman and Copeland Bryan were limited. The good news? Donte Whitner believes he'll be making his return to the lineup, and - wait for it - Aaron Schobel practiced fully. The consensus seems to be that Schobel is still a week away, but if the vet can gut it out and play against Miami, it'd be a pretty substantial emotional lift to this team.

  Let the countdown begin: 4:00 PM Eastern today (Thursday) is the deadline for the folks at the Rogers Centre to sell out the remainder of Sunday's Bills/Dolphins tickets. If they're not sold out, the game won't be televised in either Toronto or Buffalo. Time to bust out the mercy-bailout ticket purchase, Toronto and/or Buffalo business owners. I can't miss this game. Approximately 1,000 tickets remain, and the game is expected to sell out.

  Hooray for Jim Kelly, who briefly discussed the fact that he wants to buy the Bills once Ralph Wilson decides he's done with his baby. Obviously Kelly didn't get into specifics about the investors who have contacted him about keeping the Bills in Buffalo, but he did offer up this little tidbit that is sure to engender feelings of love for Buffalo's golden boy:

I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people who have contacted me, that they want to be a part of the team that stays here in Buffalo... To be honest with you, there are some people who said they wanted to own the team and take it somewhere else. I will not engage in any conversation with anybody who wants to take the team and move it - whether it's north of the border or some other city in the United States.

Long live Jim Kelly. Anybody want to hook him up with a second American Express card?

  This is a fine fan-written article about Bills fans' behavior at The Ralph on Sundays. Let's just say it's bad. I heartily agree, by the way - it's a rough go of it at that stadium. It's borderline embarrassing.

More coming your way this afternoon. Hang tight.