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Shutting down Ginn is a must for Bills

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WR Ginn torched Bills in Week 8 (Associated Press)

Flash back to Week 8 of this 2008 NFL season. Our Buffalo Bills are 5-1, and the stinking, hated rival Miami Dolphins are a mediocre 2-4. Life is good. Miami's biggest mistake of the previous regime - in fact, the beacon of their mediocrity - is former first-round WR Ted Ginn, whose impact has been negligible in nearly a season and a half in the NFL. The Bills faced the Dolphins that week; Ginn entered that game with just 20 grabs for 177 yards. Shutting this kid down was going to be cake.

Then it wasn't. Facing a hobbled Bills corner in Terrence McGee, Ginn exploded, nearly doubling his yearly receiving total by hauling in 7 receptions for 175 yards. On a day in which Buffalo contained Miami's vaunted rushing duo, it was Ginn that allowed Miami to pull out a big win. The Bills are 1-4 since that game; the Dolphins are 4-1, and have leapfrogged Buffalo out of the AFC East cellar.

Take a look at the photo in this article. Let it seethe. Take it all in. Ready to punch through a wall yet? That's exactly how I want you to feel. That picture is a symbol of Buffalo's downfall; of this team's inability to shut down a player that, up to that point, hadn't delivered on his talent. Ginn hasn't had an overwhelming game since, though he's been much more productive. Buffalo has a competitive roster, and one veteran - McGee - is more competitive than the rest. Think McGee isn't excited for the rematch?

Fear not. He is. Well... maybe excited is a bit strong.

I just want to have a good game and not have a repeat of what I did previously. I don't feel like I'm out there trying to prove something; I just want to go out there and play some good football.

Well, we'll be emotional for you, Terrence. Get aggressive, man - this weekend, Ginn needs a couple of teeth knocked out. Or, at the very least, to be slowed down - Miami's offense thrives on big plays, and if Ginn isn't a factor, there will be a lot of pressure on Miami's ground game. Containing Ted Ginn may be the biggest key to victory for Buffalo's defense this week - if they'd had it in Week 8, they might have squeaked out a win - but I'm sure Kurupt will cover that tomorrow morning.

  Quick injury update for y'all. QB Trent Edwards, TE Robert Royal and CB Jabari Greer all missed practice Thursday, and the chances that any of them will play on Sunday are remote. RB Marshawn Lynch, DE Chris Ellis, DE Copeland Bryan and LB Teddy Lehman were all limited - but don't worry about Lynch. He's expected to be fine for Sunday's game. The best news is that DE Aaron Schobel and SS Donte Whitner both practiced fully for the second straight day, and the chances increased that both return to the lineup in Toronto. I know he's not the most popular guy around here, but seeing Schobel back in the lineup would be welcome for my sore, bored eyes.

  Jerry Sullivan pens an article for The Star in which he refers to Bills fans as "jilted lovers" when it comes to watching a home game in Toronto.

  The folks at The Rogers Centre were able to sell out Sunday's game, meaning that I'll be able to watch the game live on Sunday. Time will tell if this is good news or bad news.

  As Kurupt informed us yesterday, Bills CB Leodis McKelvin was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for November. Congratulations, Leo. And as a rather important aside, we're now working on re-constructing Buffalo's defensive backfield to represent the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with three candidates - Leo (Leodis), Don (Donte Whitner) and April O'Neill (Ko Simpson) - already solidified. If you've got ideas, make them known. This may be the most important project we've ever done as a community.

  This isn't shocking, but it's worth reading anyways - Dolphins coach Tony Sparano is concerned about Buffalo's return men. I can see being worried about Leo, but Roscoe Parrish has been off the past month or so, making poor decisions and just not returning very effectively. Perhaps if Buffalo's defense can play as they did against San Francisco, however, Roscoe can return to form.

  Dolphins RB Ricky Williams is an endless source of entertainment for me. It's not because of his past, either. I don't know what it is, but I have a strange respect for the man, and every word uttered from his mouth enthralls me. In his latest interviews, Ricky admits to having an affinity for Canada.