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Pro Bowl Open Thread: Goodbye, Football

The 2008 Pro Bowl airs on FOX at 4:30 PM (ET), and despite the general boredom of the NFL's All-Star game, this is the last time we'll see a Buffalo Bill suit up until July. Sad. So this is our final open thread of the 2007-08 NFL season; feel free to use it to discuss the game, or probably more realistically, where your mind is wandering during the game.

Good luck to Aaron Schobel - the lone Bill to suit up in this game, he'll see extensive time on Norv Turner's defense today. Make us proud, Aaron.

Also, a quick programming note: the workload of a final college semester, coupled with the continued search for my first post-college job, may limit my participation on Rumblings this coming week. Posting will remain as steady (and daily) as ever, but I probably won't be as prominent in the comments section. If any of you guys have anything you'd like to share, write it up in a diary and we'll get as many of those to the front page this coming week as we can. Go Bills! Go Schobel!